Which is the better ChatGPT alternative between Google Bard and Bing Chat?

Which is the better ChatGPT alternative between Google Bard and Bing Chat?

Many tech companies have rushed to introduce a generative AI-powered chatbot based on the success of ChatGPT. Bard by Google and Bing Chat by Bing are two examples of such products, both of which have responses and implementations that are vastly different from one another, despite their relatively similar use cases.

While Microsoft has coordinated GPT 4 from OpenAI as a Bing Talk language base, Google utilizes an in-house language module LaMDA to prepare Google Versifier. However with GPT 4 at its center, BingChat is basically the same as ChatGPT.

Both chatbots are free, extremely user-friendly, and designed to simplify our lives and online searches. Therefore, let’s compare the two chat tools to determine which one is best for you.

Google Bard vs Bing Chat: Differences and similarities

Google Bard Bing Chat
Base LaMDA GPT 4
Accessibility Browser based All mobile platforms
Pricing Free Free
Image generator No (Coming in a future update) Integrated AI image generator
Internet access Yes Yes
Information access Up-to-date Up-to-date

Google Bard is made to respond like a human. OpenAI’s GPT 4 runs Bing Chat, which has a friendly but professional tone. Even though this doesn’t make the product work better as a whole, talking to Google Bard feels like talking to a real person.


The Bing AI Chat extension has been added to the Bing search engine. You don’t have to download a separate application to use Bing Chat, which is available for free. On desktop and mobile devices, it is compatible with the most recent version of the Microsoft Edge browser. You can likewise get to Bing Talk by means of the Bing search application on Android and iOS-fueled telephones.

At the moment, Google Bard is platform-independent and can be accessed from any website using any browser. You need to use your Google account to access Bard. It was initially restricted to users of personal Google accounts, but it is now available to Enterprise users.


Unlike ChatGPT Plus, which has a premium tier, Google Bard and Bing Chat are both free. Google and Microsoft both make money from advertisements and are likely to continue providing their chatbots for free in the future.

Language model-

Language Model for Discourse Applications, or LaMDA, is the basic innovation for Google’s conversational chatbot. This has been grown inside by the web crawler goliath under the Transformer research project. Then again, Bing Visit utilizes GPT 4, the most recent and most remarkable language model delivered by OpenAI.

Natural language programming, or NLP, is the foundation of LaMDA and GPT 4, despite the fact that they may appear to be different.

Relevance of data-

Google Minstrel and Bing Visit can get to the web and are prepared to offer the most recent internet based data. Microsoft has trained Bing Chat to search the internet for the most recent online data, whereas the free version of Chat GPT utilized GPT 3.5, which has a knowledge cutoff date of September 2021.

In our basic tests, Google Minstrel neglected to offer right data about certain themes and concocted a wrong and exceptional reaction to games. On the other hand, for the same questions, Bing Chat produced accurate responses. On the other hand, it was observed looking for information on lesser-known websites that lacked authority. As a result, there is a good chance that the data that Bing Chat generates could also be incorrect.

Utilization limits-

Google Poet is still in its beta stage and has no cutoff points on the quantity of inquiries you can pose. Additionally, there is no paid tier for it. Bing Chat is another free option. However, there is a softer limit on it. It allows 200 daily chats and 20 chats per session for users to start.

Image generator-

In addition to GPT 4, Microsoft has integrated OpenAI’s AI-powered image generator Dall-E-2 into Bing Chat. Within the chat window, users can now ask the chatbot to generate AI images. At this time, Google Bard cannot produce AI images. However, the company teased this feature during Bard’s launch, suggesting that it might be added in a subsequent update.

Alternate prompts-

Google Minstrel acknowledges input as voice prompts on PCs and telephones, while Bing Visit acknowledges message based inputs as it were. Additionally, Google had hinted that one of Bard’s upcoming features would be image prompts; However, it is unclear whether image inputs will be supported by Bing Chat.

Bing Chat vs. Google Bard: More than just chatbots

Bing Chat and Google Bard will be more complete and powerful than chatbots. They will be used by Microsoft and Google to alter how you search online. Google Bard still has a long way to go, whereas Bing Chat is capable of providing search information that is reasonably accurate.

In addition, these two businesses offer a vast ecosystem of products that can be utilized by both businesses and consumers. Microsoft is now involving Bing Talk in applications like Skype and Groups. The Microsoft Office suite will soon include it.

In order to automate and simplify the process of creating emails, Bard will be used in Gmail; Using a straightforward prompt, you can draft responses to emails that are long or complicated. Additionally, it will be useful in Google Search, Maps, and GSuite. However, at the moment, it appears to be a rushed product with numerous flaws and results in blatantly incorrect responses.

In its ongoing structure, Bing Visit is a more complete item that offers you significant and right data as well as provides you with a lot of choices to assist with modifying the reactions according to your necessities.

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