WhatsApp rolling out large stickers feature on Windows : Everything you need to know

WhatsApp rolling out large stickers feature on Windows :  Everything you need to know

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app owned by Meta, is planning to add a new feature to its Windows desktop app. By downloading the most recent WhatsApp beta versions from the Microsoft Store, users will be able to access large stickers on the desktop version.

According to a report, a website that tracks WhatsApp, these stickers are noticeably larger and they are only available to a select group of users.. Simply send a sticker to any conversation to determine if you are a part of this group.

If you don’t see it on your WhatsApp account, you’ll have to wait for an update. The report stated that stickers typically offer a stronger visual impact in conversations than emojis, particularly because it is possible to share a personalized version, which may better reflect a particular situation. It is important to note that this is not a new option that must be separately enabled because stickers will always be sent in their larger format by default.

According to the report, larger stickers can help users better get the attention of other people in the conversation. This update, on the other hand, is only available for the Windows beta of WhatsApp.

As a result, when a large sticker is sent from the desktop native app, the mobile app will not display it in the same size. Some beta testers who install the most recent WhatsApp beta for Windows update on the Microsoft Store can purchase large stickers.

Please be aware that the update will be gradually rolled out to more users in the following days if it is not visible on the Microsoft Store.

In the meantime, WhatsApp is also rolling out a different interface for the communities tab. Previously, the community’s icon had rounded edges to make it easy to tell it apart from other conversations.

The platform, on the other hand, is making it easier to distinguish communities and their linked groups from other types of chats by adding new icons to them.

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