WhatsApp is developing a new feature for its channels

WhatsApp is developing a new feature for its channels

Meta-owned WhatsApp is constantly updating its software to improve user experience. Although consumers enjoy the new features, certain updates are not always well-received.

But according to report, the messaging app is releasing a new version through the Google Play Beta Programme that looks interesting. The version is now

With its latest version, the Meta-owned platform will permit the transfer of channel ownership.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that the platform is developing tools to make sure that channel owners can easily manage their channels in a statement posted on his WhatsApp channel.

A new feature that allows you to change the channel’s ownership within the channel was revealed in a screenshot that the WhatsApp news tracker released.

Owners will be able to assign permissions to any other admin they like thanks to this functionality.

It went on, “This feature is intended to improve WhatsApp channels’ adaptability and flexibility by facilitating transitions in the event that the current channel owner makes personal decisions.”


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