WhatsApp announces a new feature called ‘Chat Lock’ : All you need to know

WhatsApp announces a new feature called ‘Chat Lock’ : All you need to know

The new “Chat Lock” feature that WhatsApp recently announced should enable users to keep certain conversations more private. Any conversation that you lock goes into a special folder that can only be accessed by entering a current password or using biometrics, like a fingerprint or face scan. Additionally, the notifications feed will be devoid of any references to locked chats as a result of this.

Locking a chat appears to be simple. Select the lock option by tapping the name of the one-on-one or group chat. Enter your password or complete a biometric scan whenever you want to read the chat.

According to WhatsApp, this is a great feature for people who share phones with family members and want to avoid problems in the event that “someone else is holding your phone at the exact moment an extra special chat arrives.” If that’s your bag, the tools also let you completely lock WhatsApp behind biometric authentication.

The developers of the well-liked messaging app claim to be busy developing additional features for Chat Lock, such as the capability to generate a unique password for each conversation and a tool for locking conversations across multiple devices.

Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, has been extremely busy working to ensure WhatsApp’s safety and dependability since it recently enhanced the verification system to deter potential scammers and added more options for dealing with messages that disappear. WhatsApp users are now receiving access to the Chat Lock tools.

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