What to expect from Apple in 2024 for the iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro

What to expect from Apple in 2024 for the iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro

In 2024, an entire redesign of Apple’s iPad series will be planned, including hardware modifications and dynamic updates. These rumours point to everything from quicker iPad Mini models to larger iPad Air models and OLED panels in iPad Pro models.

The most recent hardware update for the iPad was the M2 iPad Pro, which was released in October 2022. The firm did not release any iPads in 2023. A refresh of the iPad portfolio is long needed, and there are a lot of rumours circulating that suggest significant improvements will be made to the entire lineup.

iPad Pro rumours for 2024

The planned transition to OLED screens will be the biggest change to the iPad Pro versions. Improved display quality is among the many benefits of the migration that are expected.

It is speculated that the manufacturing of OLED screens for the iPad Pro would begin shortly, possibly resulting in an early 2024 release.

The iPad Pro’s use of an OLED display improves the visual experience in multiple ways. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology does away with the requirement for a backlight by enabling each pixel to emit light on its own.

True blacks and a high contrast ratio are produced by the lack of a backlight since pixels can go entirely dark. In addition, OLED screens outperform LCD screens in terms of response speeds and colour vibrancy.

These features enhance the viewing experience and make it more lively and engaging. They are especially useful for high-end graphic work, gaming, and media consumption.

There are rumours of a new Magic Keyboard accessory for the iPad Pro that attempts to make it more laptop-like with an aluminium build and a stronger frame, in addition to an upgrade to the display.

A USB-C port will also be included in the design as part of Apple’s required transition to a universal port. When compared to previous USB kinds, USB-C connectors have better data transmission speeds and charging capabilities. Additionally, they enable a greater variety of add-ons and peripherals, which increases the iPad Pro’s versatility for a range of creative and professional applications.

The M3 chip is expected to be included in the rumoured iPad Pro devices for 2024. The chip, which is based on a 3-nanometer technology and is already utilised in MacBook Pro and iMac models, will increase efficiency and performance.

A new version of the Apple Pencil is also anticipated; it may include magnetically detachable tips that can be used to emulate other instruments.

The Apple Pencil’s new design seeks to improve its use for tasks like painting, technical illustration, and drawing. It should be easier to swap between them with the introduction of magnetically attachable tips, which is an upgrade over the existing models that have a friction fit method.

iPad Air rumours for 2024

It is expected that the iPad Air versions will keep utilising the current Magic Keyboard. There are also rumours about an iPad Air with a bigger screen that probably has a new processor.

The switch from the M1 to the M2 chipset will be the biggest improvement for the iPad Air. The M2 processor will improve overall performance because it is more powerful than its predecessor, especially in areas like AI-driven workloads and graphics-intensive applications.

According to rumours, the largest current iPad Pro will be mirrored in the size of a 12.9-inch iPad Air model, which is anticipated to launch in March 2024. There are apparently plans for four models: two that would stay at the present size and two that will have the larger 12.9-inch size.

Nonetheless, it is anticipated that the iPad Air’s screen technology won’t change, sticking with the present Liquid Retina display that is based on LEDs rather than switching to OLED or mini-LED technologies.

2024 iPad Mini and iPad rumours

There will soon be updates available for both the iPad Mini and the standard iPad device. Faster processors, maybe the A16 chip, will be a part of these improvements for increased efficiency and performance.

It isn’t expected that the upcoming iPad mini 7 will have a 120Hz display. This is understandable given that the iPad Pro series is the only device capable of utilising the 120Hz refresh rates made possible by ProMotion technology.

Notably, Apple plans to stop selling the iPad 9, the final model to include both a Lightning connector and a Home button, when the iPad 11 is released.

Additionally, there are reports that Apple is hard at work developing a foldable iPad, which might be unveiled by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. According to reports, Apple is moving forward with this novel idea for a folding iPad, planning to start limited manufacturing by the end of 2024.

It’s important to remember that delivery does not always follow the start of manufacturing. As such, there is little chance that an iPad foldable will be available for purchase by 2024.


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