What is HYROX? Everything you need to know about HYROX’s upcoming arrival in Ireland

What is HYROX? Everything you need to know about HYROX’s upcoming arrival in Ireland

With over 90,000 participants in races across 14 countries and an amazing World Championship final, it’s been a big year for HYROX. But, it could appear a little confusing if you’ve never watched the sport before.

This wildly popular endurance exercise series, which is nothing short of a phenomenon, is finally making its way to Dublin, where competitors of all skill levels can take part in the unforgettable experience.

There’s no better time to learn about HYROX and what to anticipate ahead of its first-ever Irish event, which takes place at the Royal Dublin Society on Saturday, October 28 from 8 a.m. – register for tickets and a spot here.

What is HYROX?

A sport for all is HYROX. It’s the ultimate fitness competition, combining classic endurance sports, a lot of running, and what are called ‘functional movements’, which are basically things you may do at the gym.

Eight one-kilometer runs must be completed by athletes, with a functional workout in between. The race is run in same fashion at large indoor stadiums all around the world.

Which HYROX race categories are there?

A person may take part. You can participate in 4 different categories:

  • Individual Open: Use the standard weights to finish the race on your own.
  • Pairs: Complete the event with a partner; share the training and runs.
  • Relay: Compete as a team of four, completing two runs and two workouts per member.
  • Individual Pro: Compete against others for a position in the Elite 15 by finishing the race yourself with higher weights.
  • Top 15 – view list below

How the HYROX Elite15 works

Every competitor in the Individual Pro race has a time logged during the year that is added to a global leaderboard. The athletes who have posted the top 15 fastest times in the Individual Pro categories throughout the course of the season are listed as the Elite 15 on this leaderboard.

World Championship qualifying and elite competition

Once an athlete has secured a spot in the Elite 15, they are eligible to be invited to the Elite Race series. Professional HYROX athletes can compete at the highest level in these invitational races, earning both prize money and the title of “Elite Champion.”

Three Elite races were held this year: the European Championships in Maastricht, the North American Championships in Chicago, and two Regional Championships. The podium finishers in these competitions also guaranteed themselves a spot in the year’s last elite race, the Manchester, UK-based World Championships.

Hunter McIntyre, the current champion, solidified his dominance by winning the male championship once again in front of 5,000 fans inside Manchester’s Conference Centre on May 26–27. Lauren Weeks, who last won the women’s championship in 2021, got first place.

The World Championship will be held in Nice, France in 2024.

Which athletes are the best at HYROX?

No matter how much he lifts, your gym buddy is probably not going to be your source of inspiration before HYROX’s very first event in Ireland.

Since intelligence is just as important as strength, why not learn from the world’s fittest and fastest HYROX athletes? And these are some attractive young people to watch out for…


USA’s Hunter McIntyre

Hunter, also referred to as “The Sheriff,” is the most known name in the sport and a consistent favourite. He enhanced his legendary status in Manchester in the middle of 2023 by winning the world championship again in front of 5,000 fans with a time of 00:56:40. In addition, he holds the world record thanks to his explosive 54.07 performance in Barcelona in 2023. Hunter is a deadly opponent because of his physical capacity and competitive spirit. He has everything to lose if all goes right on the big day.

USA’s Ryan Kent

One of the last athletes to defeat McIntyre in a race in the US National Championships the previous year, Kent is a strong athlete with all the makings of a champion. Kent, who ran a season-ending PB of 56.52 in Houston in 2023, is coming to the UK in good shape. Just three athletes, including him, made it into the Elite 15 via US races.

UK’s Michael Sandbach

Michael, who has been one of the most consistent athletes this year, easily made it into the Elite 15 after placing third in both the US and European Championships. Known for being lightning quick off the starting blocks and strong on the sleds, Sandbach needs to have a well-thought-out plan for the part of the race when he has historically been caught in order to advance and win. Placed 10th in Manchester at 01:30.

UK’s Graham Halliday

Prior to this year, the second athlete from the UK in the Elite 15 was mostly unknown. However, she has wowed with back-to-back sub-60-minute performances in Glasgow (57.53) and Hannover (57.35). It is very impressive that he made it into the Elite 15 in his first competitive year. He placed a creditable seventh (58:41) at the Manchester World Championships in 2023.

Alexander Roncevich AUT

Alexander, who has been called the most consistent HYROX athlete of all time, won the European Championships in Maastricht, Netherlands, this year with a time of 57.26. Having placed third in several elite events previously, this was his first victory. When asked who they are watching over their shoulder at, most elites would cite this all-around athlete with quick run times and no obvious training weaknesses. just lost to McIntyre in the 2023 World Championships, placing second overall with a remarkable time of 00:57:35.


USA’s Lauren Weeks

ROX the royalty Six months pregnant, Lauren raced in the 2022 World Championships and placed ninth with a time of 1.13.00. a remarkable accomplishment. When she eventually went back to competing this year, she qualified for the European Championships right away, winning in 1.01.00. Naturally, in Manchester in May of this year, she won back the world championship that she had previously held in 2021 with a time of 00:59:51. She’s already on the verge of being the greatest athlete of all time, yet she’s also one of the nicest individuals off the pitch.

USA’s Megan Jacoby

Megan is the current world record holder and a serious pedigree track and field athlete from her time in college. In addition, she broke the 60-minute mark for women when she ran a 58.58 in Anaheim at the end of the season. She is also incredibly consistent; this year, she placed second in both the European and North American championships and twice completed an extra lap. The possibilities are endless for her if she can maintain her focus and run the race perfectly. Finished second in the 2023 World Champs (01:00:23), behind only her main rival Weeks. She plans to improve even more in 2024.

The CH Mirjam Von Rohr

Mirjam, one of the youngest athletes in the women’s field, qualified with a time of 1.02.00 and is a strong podium contender. She is not the fastest runner, so she will need to make up time during the workout portions in the hopes of pushing her rivals. She is quite likely to win the strength elements of the events (sledge push and pull).

GER Linda Meier

With a time of 01.02.23, Meier—a previous world record holder—qualified for the 2023 World Championships. This would have been a record-breaking event in years past, but the wide receiver has traded hands an astounding four times this season. When she’s on the track, you can expect a measured race with an intentional attitude to risk-taking from one of the field’s greatest runners and most seasoned minds.

USA’s Kris Rugloski

The world champion from the previous year made a strong effort, but she was unable to retain her title in 2023. Despite being a lower seed when she qualified for the race in Las Vegas, she rose to the task and won. She ran a best time of 1.05.33 in Dallas this year to qualify for the World Champs. Even while it would ultimately leave her adrift with a seventh-place standing, she would depart Manchester with a season-best time of 01:05:05. Known for having one of the sharpest minds in the business, Kris never loses hope and will rely on her extensive experience in difficult situations.

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