What AI features will the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro receive next?

What AI features will the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro receive next?

Google has already hinted at new AI functionality for upcoming Feature Drops, even though the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro haven’t yet been released.

Soon, a Summarise function for Recorder will join its on-device voice transcription capabilities. Generative AI will condense everything you recorded into a few bullet points on the Pixel 8 Pro. This was supposed to occur in December, so we were informed.

The on-device LLM of the Pixel 8 Pro will enable “better conversational awareness” Gboard Smart Replies in the “coming months.”

The Pixel 8 Pro’s Zoom Enhance will similarly be enabled by a generation AI picture model that “intelligently fills in the gaps between pixels and predicts fine details.” When you “forget to zoom,” as Google suggests, you should use this. Google thinks this will allow you to “crop to what you want the focus of your photo to be” after the fact in addition to sharpening and improving image detail. This will be “coming later.”

Contextual Replies, which let you answer with on-screen chips, will “soon” be offered via Call Screen. For instance, if an appointment is being confirmed via phone, you can hear “Confirm” or “Cancel appointment.” If you choose the latter, the Assistant will say: “They wanted me to let you know that they’ve confirmed.”

The Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 will also have Call Screen “in a feature drop later this year.” It will also display an answer, decline, and overflow button in addition to the transcript. It requires a phone with Tensor technology (Pixel 6 and newer).

Then there is Assistant with Bard, about which Google advises Pixel 8 owners to “keep an eye out for how to try it.” The business did, however, confirm that it is also coming to iOS. Google intends to provide it for “select testers shortly” after the announcement. The following stage will be to turn it into a “opt-in experience in the next few months.”

According to Fitbit, generative AI will “bring you personalized coaching, dynamic workout recommendations, and even more context and insight.” There will be a Fitbit Labs programme “early next year,” with Pixel phone owners receiving “priority access” to these AI-powered experiences.

Gen AI will be utilised in the Google Home app to employ bullet points to present a “streamlined view of what happened recently, with a quick and easy summary” of home occurrences. Additionally, you can “Ask about your home” in conversation to discover clips and obtain automations. The beta features will be available to “subscribers next year.”


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