Wendy’s Launches 7 New ‘Saucy’ Chicken Nugget Flavors: How to Try Them First

Wendy’s Launches 7 New ‘Saucy’ Chicken Nugget Flavors: How to Try Them First

For fans of Wendy’s chicken nuggets, this summer is going to be hot and spicy.

Starting Monday, the fast-food chain will offer its customers its “Saucy Nuggets” chicken nuggets in seven different flavors, from garlic parmesan to spicy honey BBQ.

“Wendy’s chicken nugget fandom is truly unrivaled, so it was only natural for us to level up our iconic Nuggs with even more flavor for our fans,” Lindsay Radkoski, U.S. Chief Marketing Officer for Wendy’s, said in a statement.

Don’t worry nugg fans: the brand’s original Crispy Chicken Nuggets and Spicy Chicken Nuggets will still be available.

Wendy`s Saucy Nuggets flavors

Wendy’s is supplying the brand new saucy nuggets withinside the following sizes: four piece, 6 pieces, 10 piece and 20 piece. The seven sauce flavors are:

  • Honey BBQ
  • Garlic Parm
  • Buffalo
  • Spicy Honey BBQ
  • Spicy Garlic Parm
  • Spicy Buffalo
  • Spicy Ghost Pepper

How to receive the first Wendy’s Saucy Nuggets

Starting Monday, for one week, the new Saucy Nuggets will be available exclusively through the Wendy’s app, Wendys.com, or by ordering and selecting “Pick up in restaurant” or “App delivery.” Select “App delivery.”

As an added incentive, the company reported that Wendy’s in-app delivery fees have been waived until June 10.

Starting June 10, fans will be able to purchase the new nuggets at participating restaurants and drive-thru windows.

How to get Wendy’s Saucy Nuggets for free

Starting Wednesday through June 18, spend $15 or more on Doordash to receive six free nuggets.

DashPass members can also earn free Saucy Nuggs with any purchase of $20 or more.

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