Weather app of Apple will not stated it’s 69 degrees

Weather app of Apple will not stated it’s 69 degrees

In case you’re an iPhone client, the weather is consistently an especially nice 70 degrees. Or on the other hand 68 degrees. Any temperature yet 69 degrees, really, on the grounds that incidentally, the implicit weather app on certain versions of iOS — including the current adaptation, iOS 14.6 — will won’t display the internet’s favorite number, regardless of whether the actual temperature in a given location is, truth be told, 69 degrees, alongside a few other (less image capable) numerals like 65 and 71 degrees.

It’s not satisfactory if this is a bug or a intentional endeavor from Apple to eliminate 69-related humor. The rounding is just noticeable in the weather app itself: navigating to Apple’s source data from will show the legitimate temperature, as do Apple’s home screen widgets. Be that as it may, the iOS climate application will won’t show 69 degrees anyplace in the forecast, regardless of whether it’s for the current temperature, the hourly figure for the afternoon, or the extended forecast.

A potential clarification for the issue (as called attention to by a few group on Twitter) is that Apple might be sourcing data for its iOS Weather application in Celsius and then converting it over to Fahrenheit.

For instance, 20 degrees Celsius converts to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, while 21 degrees Celsius converts to 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit — which gathers together to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The application seems to have comparative issues with temperatures like 65 degrees (where 18 degrees Celsius converts to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit, while 19 degrees Celsius is 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit).

It’s not satisfactory when Apple presented the rounding here. A telephone running iOS 11.2.1 shows exact information of 69 degrees, as did phones running iOS 15, so it’s conceivable that the issue is explicit to Apple’s latest update (or has been identified and fixed as of now). Other weather sources, including Dark Sky — which is owned by Apple — have no issue displaying 69 degrees, by the same token.

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