Want to link WhatsApp with ChatGPT? Here’s how to do it

Want to link WhatsApp with ChatGPT? Here’s how to do it

The technology community has been abuzz about ChatGPT for some time now. The chatbot, which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is now commonly used in numerous sectors and industries. Do you want to connect the chatbot to your WhatsApp account to have faster access to it?

Please keep in mind that you won’t be able to directly or officially integrate ChatGPT into your WhatsApp account. However, there are additional approaches that you can try out.

Currently, there are essentially two ways to integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp. Making a WhatsApp bot and connecting it to ChatGPT is one option. Using a Python script to set your WhatsApp number and simultaneously launch ChatGPT is another approach. Let’s take a look at each method individually.

Method 1:

Building a WhatsApp bot is the first step. Register the WhatsApp Business Programming Interface (API) and develop a chat flow to accomplish this. Then, follow your chatbot using a chat developer, install the API chatbot on your phone, and

You will need an OpenAI API for the next step. Create an OpenAI account and go to its programming interface key page to accomplish this. Create a secret key here.

Utilizing the OpenAI API to connect to your WhatsApp bot is the third and final step. Keep in mind that WhatsApp may block you if it determines that the integration is not genuine. Therefore, you must take this step at your own risk.

Method 2

Daniel, a researcher, developed this method. Download the code from GitHub and run server.py in the terminal to integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp. Then, follow a few more steps to add ChatGPT to your WhatsApp account.

– Get the code from GitHub

– Click “download zip” to download the file

– Next, run the “Whatsapp-gpt-principal” file in the terminal

– Run the “server.py” record in the terminal

– Now, type “Is” and press enter; – Type “python server.py” Your phone will be set up to display the OpenAI visit page automatically

– Next step is to verify that you are a human. Check the I’m a human box

– Go to your WhatsApp account and you will find OpenAI ChatGPT integrated there.

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