Veteran Simon Wilkerson Finds Purpose in Resin Woodwork

Veteran Simon Wilkerson Finds Purpose in Resin Woodwork

Simon is the owner and operator of Cutting Edge Wood Design. Simon happens to be my friend and my husband. Before Simon had his business, he was at a critical cross-road in his life. I met Simon when he was

retiring from the army and he opened my eyes to the new Veteran in the US. This new Veteran is much younger, and the scars they carry from war, from active duty, are not necessarily visible. The mental and emotional struggle, PTSD, addiction, and suicide is real, and it’s not often enough we get to hear or read about good outcomes for these young men and women. When Simon retired from the army, I was worried about what he would do with his time, and how would he find his purpose again.

I would leave for work, the kids would go to school, and Simon was at home, so he started renovating, and re- organizing the garage and tinkering with tools. He was making candle holders and coasters, and gave these away to our neighbors, friends, and family for the holidays. I remember one of the first summers we spent together, he built us a picnic table. He moved onto wooden coolers which became a popular item for some of the local restaurants and breweries with outdoor seating. This seemed to be a small turning point for Simon because he realized he could make some money. Simon was intrigued with resin wood furniture, and he wanted to pursue this, but knew it was expensive and he would have to learn how to work with epoxy. He figured it out! The material outcomes are extra. I sit at the most beautiful desk I have ever owned in my life, along with a bar and dinner table in our family

home. Simon’s heart and soul are in his work, and this has saved him on several levels.

I have witnessed Simon’s personal and life transformation. Simon has spent countless hours teaching himself this trade and growing a full-fledged functional business. This has gone far beyond learning the craft of resin woodwork. Simon also taught himself how to launch, grow and nurture a personal business. He spends hours

on social media to promote his products and obtain business. Ironically, Simon’s wood supplier is also a Veteran who

found peace, purpose and profit in woodwork! Simon is earning an income being able to do something he genuinely enjoys. Today he has certainly outgrown our garage and bonus room! Let me add that with tapping into this passion, he found a lot of personal healing which has led him to be a better man, father, and husband. Simon really found himself in this craft and business, and he will be the first to share that he is as happy with his life as he has

ever been, and that he didn’t believe this was possible. Simon is living his life to the fullest, he has a reason to get out of bed and head down to the shop! Simon’s dream continues to grow because of customers, and business which comes from all over the US. Thank you very much for your support!



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