Up Close With Darla Cozzarelli

Up Close With Darla Cozzarelli

As so many young adults search to find their identities, Twenty-two-year-old entrepreneur Darla Cozzarelli prides herself on challenging the status quo.  “I don’t believe in being put in a box,” says Darla. As one gets to know her, this becomes more evident. 

Darla’s passion and commitment to helping others began early, as she dedicated her youth to the LAPD Cadet Leadership Program, graduated from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Reserve Officer Academy, as well as, with honors from Cal State Los Angeles’ Criminal Justice Program. Impressively, she is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work degree at the University of Southern California.

While continuing her education, Darla was compelled to make a difference within Los Angeles and founded the nonprofit organization Refining Purpose. The organization is dedicated to helping young adults achieve their goals in life through inspirational impact and social change.  Darla believes that no matter what challenges one is combating at a particular time, there is always a solution that can lead to a better life.  

Darla is also changing the world as a recording artist.  She performs all over Southern California and recently released her newest single, “Oh boy”.   Her upcoming album titled “Refining Purpose” is a tribute to the nonprofit’s mission, Embrace your vision. Own your purpose. Make it reality.  When asked about Refining Purpose, Darla stated “Honestly, people often question why I’m starting a nonprofit so young, stereotyping my age for failure. But I believe that in order to make a significant change in the world – you have to pursue things head on regardless of what people say.” 

Darla’s drive to challenge the status quo is commendable. From motivating her peers to exceed their potential to bringing professionals together, she is constantly fueling the flames for change. The public figure isn’t scared to admit her vulnerabilities and continues to strive amidst the challenges.

Know more: darlacozzarelli.com

Jason Hahn

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