Twitter announces its image-specific Community Notes feature

Twitter announces its image-specific Community Notes feature

Twitter has launched Community Notes for images in posts in an effort to put more of the responsibility for moderation on the community. The company wants to deal with situations where images have been morphed or created by AI on any platform where they are posted. As such, the stage needs to signal substance like “the Balenciaga Pope” that turned into a web sensation half a month prior. The launch comes days after prominent accounts retweeted an AI-generated image of an attack on the Pentagon.

Twitter said that notes composed for a picture will show up on “late and future” posts containing it. The feature is currently being tested and will function for tweets with a single image.

According to the company, the option to submit notes about an image rather than a tweet will only be available to Community Notes contributors who have an impact score of 10, which is a score that measures how helpful a contributor’s notes are. This way, the Community Notes will remain the same even if other users tweet the same image with different captions.

A label that reads “This note is about the image and could be shown on other Tweets that include this image” will appear on tweets that include images with notes.

The social media platform stated that it is working on expanding this feature to include support for multiple media types in tweets and videos. It also said that the matching algorithm might miss a few tweets that have an image with notes because this is a new version of Community Notes for media content.

Paid verified accounts and AI-generated images combined to quickly spread the Pentagon attack hoax. The photo was still being shared on the social network despite the fact that both the original image and the tweet were taken down. This issue is additionally spreading to counterfeit man-made intelligence produced promotions deluding individuals into accepting that unmistakable characters like previous footballer Ian Wright and cook Gordon Ramsey have died.

In order to save money, Twitter laid off employees who worked on trust and safety after Elon Musk took over the company. The company relied heavily on crowdsourced moderation through Community Notes.

Last year, Twitter carried out Local area Notes around the world. It began accepting contributions from various nations earlier this year. Twitter started sending notifications when a post that a user retweeted or replied to receives a note after the fact in February to make people aware of the context associated with the tweet.

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