Tragic sack Redskins look awful again in prime time, this time in damages to Vikings

Tragic sack Redskins look awful again in prime time, this time in damages to Vikings

Each NFL group gets a turn in prime time. That makes terrible matchups inescapable.

The NFL didn’t need to give us two Washington Redskins prime-time games however.

Washington humiliated itself on prime time in Week 3 against the Chicago Bears, and everybody realized the Redskins weren’t beating the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night. The Redskins really kept it genuinely aggressive, however the 19-9 misfortune still can’t be viewed as engaging. The Vikings just scored 19 points however they additionally never needed to punt, the first occasion when they’ve abandoned a punt in a game since 2004.

With regards to the horrible Redskins, getting a to some degree close game is about the most ideal situation for watchers. The NFL’s choice to plan the Redskins for various prime-time games this season is astounding.

Redskins on touchdown dry season

Against Miami, Redskins youngster recipient Terry McLaurin scored a 33-yard touchdown with 9:42 left in the second from last quarter. That was Oct. 13. Over the nine or more quarters from that point forward, Washington has not scored a touchdown.

At any rate the Redskins scored for the current week. A week ago they lost 9-0 to the San Francisco 49ers in a rainstorm. Against the Vikings, they oversaw three field objectives. Progress.

Washington lost quarterback Case Keenum after the principal half with a blackout, and that constrained new kid on the block Dwayne Haskins into the lineup. Haskins, the group’s first-round pick, is the establishment’s just genuine expectation and the main fascinating thing about the second 50% of their season. He hasn’t began at this point, and fans need to see him play. The issue is he hasn’t been excellent when he’s played.

Haskins’ first NFL activity came about in quite a while against the New York Giants. On Thursday night he cruised a disregard to McLaurin the center and it was picked off by the Vikings. That came at a urgent piece of the game, directly after Washington halted Kirk Cousins on a fourth-and-1 quarterback sneak. Washington trailed 16-9 by then and got an opportunity. A touchdown there and it would have been an interesting final quarter.

Be that as it may, Haskins’ capture attempt essentially shut the entryway on Washington giving us a decent show on Thursday night. Minnesota got a field objective from that point forward, at that point had the option to bite up the majority of the clock on a long final quarter drive. Washington tumbled to 1-7. The Vikings are 6-2.

Washington has little expectation

The Redskins previously terminated their mentor, Jay Gruden. There was a report that interval mentor Bill Callahan would get thought for the changeless occupation, yet dislike the Redskins are playing that well with him.

Washington needs a complete reset. Skeptics will say that no advancement will be made as long as proprietor Daniel Snyder and group president Bruce Allen are still near, and they probably won’t not be right. The brokenness of the Redskins will make it harder for them to arrive a quality head-training competitor. Numerous great mentors have come through Washington under Snyder’s supervision, and none of them left the activity with a triumphant record.

The list doesn’t rouse certainty either. Haskins needs to hit, and that is a long way from a slam dunk. McLaurin is a genuine find, and Washington needs all the skilled blue-chip players it can get. They make them guarantee players on edge line. Be that as it may, the list isn’t really youthful. It is anything but work that is promising from any reasonable edge.

There’s just eight games to go in this hopeless Redskins season. The main uplifting news? They’re done on prime time for the remainder of the period.

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