Top Photography Apps For Every Smartphone User Should Know

Top Photography Apps For Every Smartphone User Should Know

Photography enthusiasts have long favored this art form for a variety of reasons. The ability to capture moments and memories at the touch of a button and a wide variety of cameras suitable for both professionals and amateurs have made it a popular hobby for millions of people around the world.

The advent of smartphones with sophisticated cameras has made photography even more accessible for those who want to try out their artistic skills. Smartphones have not only made it possible to create near-professional quality images, but they have also made it possible to share and exchange photos through online cloud servers and various applications.

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Innovations in AI technology have brought about this change, making professional photography accessible to everyone, with all the tools and equipment you need in your pocket.

Features such as AI-powered scene recognition, enhanced lighting effects, and automatic photo enhancements have revolutionized image processing, turning every smartphone user into a potential artist. If you want to try these tools for yourself, here are some of the best ways to use them.

1. Adobe Lightroom Mobile

For those who want to optimize their photos with professional tools, Adobe Lightroom Mobile is the best choice. It offers editing capabilities ranging from basic adjustments such as exposure and color correction to advanced edits such as curves and selective color correction. The app also supports Adobe’s Teacher AI, which can automatically tag and organize your photos, making it easier to manage large libraries.

2. Snapseed

Google’s Snapseed offers a comprehensive set of editing tools and a user-friendly interface, making it ideal for photographers of all levels. Its unique selling point is its large selection of filters and the ability to apply precise effects with the brush tool. It’s perfect for anyone looking to add an artistic touch to their photos.


VSCO is more than just an app, it’s a community for creatives. Known for its stylish presets and advanced camera controls, VSCO helps users achieve the photo aesthetic commonly seen on social media platforms like Instagram. The app also offers video editing, which is an advantage for content creators who want to maintain a consistent style across their photos and videos.

4. Prisma

For those who want to add an artistic touch to their photos, Prisma transforms them into works of art in the style of famous artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso. By applying an interesting combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence, Prisma offers 300+ art styles that make every photo a unique work of art.

5. Afterlight

Afterlight is the perfect app for those who prefer straightforward editing tools. It offers a curated collection of natural filters, authentic film textures, and precise editing tools designed to enhance the natural look of your photos without overcomplicating the process.


The world of smartphone photography apps is vast and diverse, offering something for everyone, from beginners looking to improve their everyday photos to serious photographers looking to add a professional touch to their phone photos.

AI has vastly improved our ability to create stunning, high-quality photos, and now professional photography techniques are just a few taps away from you. Whether you’re documenting your daily life or creating a visual masterpiece, these apps will unleash your creative potential.

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