Top 5 things to purchase in GTA Online on the week of its 10th anniversary

Top 5 things to purchase in GTA Online on the week of its 10th anniversary

Rockstar Games has generously provided freebies and discounts for players to take benefit of during the 10th anniversary event week for GTA Online. The perks added with the most recent Grand Theft Auto Online weekly update on September 28, 2023, are still available even if the gaming studio didn’t announce any new promotions on the anniversary day itself (October 1, 2023). Players can benefit from a variety of fantastic offers during the week.

During the weeklong celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary, you should purchase these top five items.

5) Toundra Panthere

Popular sports coupe car the Toundra Panthere was released with the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. However, with the most recent GTA Online weekly update, it was a limited-time car that was put back into the game. It is now available for $2.1 million from the Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom.

The 2017 Alpine A110 is the model for the car. It has a rear-wheel drive configuration with a seven-speed gearbox box, while the engine’s brand is presently unknown. The Toundra Panthere has a top speed of 122.50 mph (197.14 km/h) when completely upgraded.

4) MC Clubhouse

This week, Rockstar Games is giving all GTA Online MC Clubhouses a 40% discount. In the game, there are 12 Clubhouse locations, with prices ranging from $200,000 to $495,000. Till October 5, 2023, you can still purchase them for an important price.

The cheap offer includes upgrades and modifications to the GTA Online facility. As a result, this week you can customise your MC Clubhouse at a low price if you already possess one. It is important to note that one of the most essential components in the multiplayer game is the Clubhouse. Five MC Businesses that offer a reliable income stream are unlocked as a result.

3) The CEO or executive office

One of the first items most users purchase in GTA Online is the Executive Office, which is 40% off this week. Having a CEO Office opens up a wealth of benefits that can be useful when playing. Four CEO Office sites are available from Rockstar Games, with prices that range from $1,000,000 to $4,000,000.

Despite being slightly more expensive than other properties, you can buy them this week for a lot less money. The upgrades and alterations are likewise priced similarly to the original items. You can easily choose to increase your accommodation, a weapons locker, etc. without worrying about your finances.

2) Bunker

One of the best companies in GTA Online is without a doubt The Bunker. It is an expensive investment, but over time, it will yield high returns. However, you may launch your Bunker company for less this week thanks to Rockstar Games’ 40% discount on the property and all related upgrades and modifications.

Researching in the Bunker will allow you to gain more upgrades for a few certain game items. Bunker products and Ammu-Nation supplies are two revenue-generating sources for this passive business. It’s wise to start the Bunker company now if you haven’t already in GTA Online.

1) Nightclub

One of the best solo income streams in GTA Online in 2023 is the nightclub business. Even though most new players neglect the company when they first start, now is the greatest time to buy it because Rockstar Games is giving a 40% discount on the building and all related upgrades.

There are numerous ways for the nightclub industry to make money. The Safe Lock, however, is seen to be the ideal strategy for quickly generating revenue. Without your involvement, it can generate up to $50,000 every 48 minutes. In the game, every player must own a nightclub, and this week is the ideal time to do it.


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