Top 5 “The Voice” coaches of all time

Top 5 “The Voice” coaches of all time

The Voice, a reality TV singing competition, quickly gained popularity with viewers after making its American debut in 2011. Its distinctive format set it apart from other well-known singing contests like American Idol, X-Factor, and Nashville Star.

Blind auditions are used on the show to emphasise each singer’s talent over attractiveness. Before the singer is ever revealed, coaches must choose whether they want to compete to have a competitor on their squad.

The connection between the coaches and participants is just another amazing feature of the programme. The coaching panel has been graced by megastars like Reba McEntire, CeeLo Green, Nick Jonas, Shakira, and Miley Cyrus, solidifying the show’s history.

The Voice’s famous coaches have established them as excellent mentors over the years. They bring to the event a lot of knowledge as great artists in their own right. While it’s true that everyone is playing for the victory, the majority of instructors appear to sincerely want to assist vocalists identify their strengths, confront their concerns, and improve their vocal abilities.

However, it appears that certain coaches had a slightly greater influence than others. The Top 5 coaches on The Voice throughout history are listed below.

1. Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton, a celebrity of the country music genre, is unquestionably king of the coaches with nine victories to his credit. Shelton is not only one of the originals, but he also consistently appeared on the show for 23 seasons. Shelton made a name for himself as a kind and supportive mentor dedicated to fostering the artistic development of his team members from the very first episodes.

Cassadee Pope, Sundance Head, Danielle Bradbery, and Craig Wayne Boyd were among the winners among the country music superstars Shelton frequently competed to get to his team. He was open to a wide range of musical genres, particularly those that complemented country music, such gospel, folk, rock, and soul. With R&B singer Jermaine Paul, he achieved his first success. Subsequently, he also had success coaching rock musician Chloe Kohanski and jazz vocalist Wendy Moten.

Shelton was frequently praised by teams of competitors as a witty, accessible mentor who appreciated their artistic identities. Each performer was able to shine as a result of working with him in their own special way, and Shelton is renowned for staying by his team members even after the event.

2. Adam Levine

Both for his wonderful banter with Blake Shelton and for his enthusiasm as a coach, Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine is adored. Levine, another original, competed for 16 seasons, earning three victories alongside competitors Javier Colon, Tessanne Chin, and Jordan Smith.

Levine picked some of the most musically diverse teams while he was hosting the competition. He lost a lot to Shelton after winning the first season, which fostered their amusing rivalry. His passion for selecting a good team provided the show with a tonne of humorous relief, and he often shamelessly encouraged competitors to vote for #TeamAdam over #TeamBlake.

Levine’s deep musical knowledge and insights into vocal technique, stage presence, and song selection have often been complimented by contestants. Every episode exhibited his passion, and he encouraged his team members to take chances and leave their stamp on the Voice stage.

3. Kelly Clarkson

According to the data, Kelly Clarkson is The Voice’s most effective coach, with a win percentage of about 50%. In her nine seasons, she competed with Brynn Cartelli, Chevel Shepherd, Girl Named Tom, and Jake Hoot, and she won four times. Clarkson was the first person to coach a singing group to victory, and she won her first three seasons as a coach.

Clarkson could connect to the candidates’ experience more than anyone else because she got her start in the music industry on American Idol, which launched her own renowned career. Kelly was perfectly placed for helping her team members in every aspect with their artistic development because of her amazing vocal range and composition skills.

Viewers enjoyed watching Clarkson as well. She was renowned for being animated and opinionated when selecting contestants or supporting her staff, and her friendly attitude generated a fun, upbeat workplace.

4. John Legend

John Legend is one of the select few who has won in his first year of coaching, along with Kelly Clarkson. However, he only managed one victory—with folk singer Maelyn Jarmon—out of seven seasons. He was a team advisor for Adam Levine before he was a coach, helping applicants in creating the ideal songs for their combat performances.

Legend is renowned for the hilarious ways he competed to get the proper contestants for his squad and has great relationships with the other coaches. Legend is known for creating humorous team songs for himself and the other coaches. He once performed a duet with a competitor to get her to join his team.

Legend was a fantastic coach who never held back his enthusiasm when he was thrilled with one of the competitors. He was regarded by those who worked with him as a thoughtful and active mentor who constantly had insightful criticism to provide. Legend is known for helping his teammates succeed even beyond the show by providing guidance and support.

5. Christina Aguilera

Another initial coach who helped ensure the success of the first season was Christina Aguilera. Aguilera was drawn to pop, soul, and R&B performers with outstanding raw talent since she is a strong pop singer herself. Aguilera was able to help participants with their vocal control during her coaching and compelled them to take chances with more vocally difficult songs.

In six seasons, Aguilera only managed to win one game. She ended her career on a high note by coaching the contestant who won, pop, country, and rock singer Alisan Porter, in her final season.

Due to Aguilera’s exceptional singing abilities, she was adept at giving very specific critique on pronunciation, phrasing, and overall performance, and those around her frequently made major improvements throughout the competition.


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