Top 5 Technology Companies in Manchester

Top 5 Technology Companies in Manchester

Manchester, which is home to more than 1,600 businesses, has been named the largest tech centre in the UK outside of London. Here are a few of Manchester’s top tech firms in industries like media, retail, and business consultancy.

Manchester’s Top 5 Tech Companies –

  • Warner Bros. Discovery

The media and the entertainment Industry.

One of the biggest entertainment and media organisations in the world is Warner Bros. In addition to television and film production facilities, it owns and runs numerous networks and brands, from CNN to HBO. Over 200 countries worldwide receive digital television, films, and streaming entertainment from the corporation.

  • SharkNinja

The manufacturing, e-commerce, and retail industry.

SharkNinja specialises in producing household goods, such as the Ninja CREAMi ice cream maker that is well-known on social media. With over 700 product engineers working for it, its strategy extensively invests in product development before advancing promising items. SharkNinja runs five innovation centres and holds more than 3,000 patents.

  • EY

The Financial services and business consultancy industry.

EY is a professional services company that provides assessments and services for tax, audit, and business risks in addition to consulting on a variety of business concerns, such as supply chain logistics, customer experience, and cybersecurity. Through the EY Transformation Platform, which employs exclusive digital technologies to assist client organisations in modernising their operations, the business also supports digital transformation.

  • Capgemini

The business consulting and information technology industry.

A consulting company called Capgemini offers advice on streamlining and improving tech and business operations. Its offerings include enterprise management, cybersecurity requirements particular to certain sectors, cloud adoption, and creating and putting into practise sustainability strategies. The 350,000 global workers of Capgemini combine their experience in fields like media and artificial intelligence to support businesses in their digital transformation.

  • Protiviti

The Business consulting and professional services industry.

A business consulting firm called Protiviti helps companies improve their risk management, data analytics, finance, and technology operations. The company, which has been around for more than 20 years, has worked with numerous Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. Over 7,000 people work for it at dozens of offices across the world.



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