Top 5 States in the US for Chicken Production in 2024

Top 5 States in the US for Chicken Production in 2024

Chickens have been a source of meat and eggs for food production for centuries. Currently, there are over 500 different breeds of chickens around the world, and there is something for everyone, from producers to pets, and chickens can be kept by anyone who wants to keep them. However, you need to consider the size, some are small and others are huge.

We are going to look at the 5 largest chicken-producing states in the US in 2024.

5. Georgia

Population of chickens (2023): 31.64 million

Georgia, a state in the Southeast of the United States, is projected to be one of the top 5 producers of chicken in the country in 2024. Georgia’s terrain is formed up of mountains, farms, and coastal beaches. Data released recently shows that in 2023, there were 31.64 million chickens in Georgia.

4. Pennsylvania

Population of chickens (2023): 32.54 million

One of the most populous states in the union is Pennsylvania. It is situated in America’s Northeast, Appalachian, Mid-Atlantic, and Great Lakes regions. One of the top states for chicken production is Pennsylvania, which will have 32.54 million chickens in 2023.

3. Indiana

Population of chickens (2023): 45.73 million

One of the top three states in the US for chicken production is Indiana, which is located in the Midwest. In 2023, Indiana had 45.73 million heads of chicken in stock.

2. Ohio

Population of chickens (2023): 52.69 million

Ohio, a state in the US Midwest, comes in second on our list of the states that will produce the most chicken in the US in 2024. Data from current reports indicates that in 2023, Ohio’s chicken population numbered 52.69 million.

1. Iowa

Population of chickens (2023): 54.95 million

Our ranking of the top 20 US states for chicken production in 2024 places Iowa at the top. The Midwestern US state of Iowa is well-known for its cornfields and undulating plains. It is also one of the states that produces the most eggs. In 2023, Iowa will have 54.95 million chickens, making it the most prolific chicken-producing state in the United States.

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