Top 5 plays made by MVP LeBron James in the 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament

Top 5 plays made by MVP LeBron James in the 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament

LeBron James won the first NBA Cup MVP trophy as well, following the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament in Las Vegas. Fans can see from his highlights that the 38-year-old NBA veteran still has a lot of miles left in his appearance.

James proceeded to average 26.4 points, 8.0 rebounds, 7.6 assists, and 1.6 steals in his seven games. In addition to leaving some memorable moments for fans to discuss in the barbershop, his basketball IQ was on full display.

Here are five of LeBron James’s greatest performances from the NBA In-Season Tournament:

1- Give Jaxson Hayes no look pass

In the group phase against the Utah Jazz, James finds his pass to the open shooter deflected. In addition to recovering the lost ball, he was able to see Jaxson Hayes cutting in the middle for a massive slam dunk.

2-Tomahawk dunk in the Jazz game

The LA Lakers ended the circus act in a frantic series of moves when Anthony Davis made up for the Jazz’s missed layup. Immediately after, he made a cross-court pass to Taurean Prince, who was trailed by LeBron James, who was moving quickly. James received a Prince bounce pass, and the tomahawk slam allowed photographers to get a picture of him in the air.

3- Alley-oop pass to Anthony Davis

There are a lot of LeBron James highlights from the Jazz game on this list, and Anthony Davis’s highlight is another. James had to partially recover the ball when his charge towards the hoop stopped, but he was still able to make eye contact with a cutting Davis and signal for the lob. Davis added some flair to it by spinning in midair to put the ball through the basket after James had given it to him.

2-Heat check against the Pelicans of New Orleans

Before the Lakers and Pelicans’ semi-final showdown became a blowout, LeBron James went on an attack that took the wind out of Zion Williamson and his team. The squad used his three consecutive 3-pointers in the second quarter to overwhelm the Pelicans and advance to the NBA In-Season Tournament Finals.

1-A clutch basket in the Suns game

The Lakers’ quarterfinal matchup with the Phoenix Suns in the NBA In-Season Tournament was their closest matchup. Both sides were trading blows with the game on the line. With four minutes remaining, James found Anthony Davis in the paint for the game-winning basket in one play.

He extended the lead to seven points a few possessions later with a dazzling lay-up that beat two Suns defenders.

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