Top 5 Pac-12 largest stadiums by capacity in 2023

Top 5 Pac-12 largest stadiums by capacity in 2023

The Pac-12 Conference may not have the largest stadiums in college football, but it does have some of the rowdiest audiences and most intimate environments in the country.

The seating capacity of the five largest Pac-12 stadiums are listed below.

5 largest stadiums in the Pac-12

5. Autzen Stadium in Oregon, with 54,000

The Oregon Ducks play at the famous Autzen Stadium, which can hold 54,000 people and is best described in one word: LOUD!

As Deion Sanders and Colorado just discovered, Autzen Stadium has one of the most daunting atmospheres for opponents in college football, much alone the Pac-12.

4. California Memorial Stadium, with 63,000

The Memorial Stadium, which is a retro stadium nestled amid the California Hills, has undergone renovations but still contains some of the old-world magic that earlier stadia were known for.

The Memorial Stadium is capable of holding 63,000 people. On a good day, the loud California Golden Bears fans can make a ruckus that is rarely matched by the football prowess of their side.

3. Husky Stadium, Washington, with 70,083

With a seating capacity of 70,083, the Husky Stadium, which is the home of the Washington Huskies, packs a powerful atmosphere thanks to some of the loudest Pac-12 fans.

The loud siren that announces scoring plays erupts in jubilation among the home fans.

In Week 7 of college football action, the Huskies defeated the highly renowned Oregon Ducks. The Huskies are unblemished at home this season, and they were propelled by the brilliance of quarterback Michael Penix Jr.

2. USC Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum: with 77,500

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the USC Trojans’ home stadium, can be described up in one word: historic!

Two Summer Olympics have been held there, and a third will in 2028. The USC fans have been fortunate to witness Heisman winners and national champs walk on the revered field over the years.

When the Trojans show off on the gridiron, the 77,500 seating capacity creates the ideal balance of intimacy and an intimidating wall of noise.

1. Rose Bowl at UCLA, with 92,542

One of the most iconic and recognisable stadiums in all of sports is the Rose Bowl. It is no surprise that the Rose Bowl is at the top of this list given that it has hosted both the World Cup and Olympic Games along with having unique architectural features.

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, in second place, is dwarfed by its 92,542 seating capacity.

The grass of this stadium has not seen the UCLA Bruins produce many memorable plays, but the Rose Bowl games that have been played there still linger and give the location its revered atmosphere.

With a 32,952 capacity, Martin Stadium at Washington State is the smallest stadium in the Pac-12 and is roughly one-third the size of the Rose Bowl.


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