Top 5 overlooked EA FC 24 Icons to purchase in Ultimate Team

Top 5 overlooked EA FC 24 Icons to purchase in Ultimate Team

There is a world of unappreciated EA FC 24 Icons in the FC Ultimate Team market, where expensive, well-known stars frequently steal the show. Even though these hidden jewels don’t have outrageous price tags, any FC Ultimate Team roster would benefit greatly from their in-game skill, excellent quality, and versatility.

The term “underrated” is frequently a result of factors like a small fan base, previous convictions, or a lack of knowledge about these players. Additionally, it’s possible that not many people are aware of these giants’ thorough biographies because they have long since left sports. Notably, icons of women’s football are also included in the featured list.

The five most overlooked EA FC 24 Icons that FC Ultimate Team players should definitely check out are highlighted in this post.

The Top 5 Overlooked EA FC 24 Icons for Ultimate Team

5) John Barnes – 87 LW (Base Icon)

In EA FC 24, John Barnes, an English left winger rated at 87, stands out as a hidden treasure. Barnes is a dynamic force on the left wing with 89 Pace, 83 Physicality, and a deadly left foot.

The 6-foot tall, former Liverpool attacker has Finesse PlayStyle and Technical PlayStyle Plus along with a 4-star weak foot and talent boost. Interestingly, his 89-rated Winter Wildcard version is not as good as this original Icon card.

Barnes’ ability to cut inside and send precise crosses makes him one of the most underappreciated EA FC 24 Icons, even though he is sometimes overshadowed by higher-rated teammates. At 76.5K FUT coins, he is now a deal.

4) Davor Šuker – 89 LW (Winter Wildcard Icon)

Davor Šuker’s left winger card, ranked at 89, pays homage to the legendary Croatian goal scorer. Šuker becomes a formidable attacking force with a combination of 89 Dribbling and 90 Pace.

With his Quick Step PlayStyle Plus and Trivela PlayStyle, this adaptable card may also be used well in LM or CAM roles. This makes him a dangerous opponent outside of the D-box. EA FC players can utilize Šuker for the full 90 minutes with a High/Medium Work Rate and 87 Stamina.

Though he is frequently ignored by more flashy names, Šuker’s reliable goal scoring puts him fourth on the list of the best five underrated EA FC 24 Icons. This makes him a great option for Ultimate Team managers looking for a clinical left flank finisher.

The Winter Wildcard Icon, which has an estimated fodder value of 95K FUT Coins, can currently be obtained through an SBC challenge.

3) Nadine Keßler – 90 CM (UEFA Heroes Icon)

Nadine Keßler’s 90-rated UEFA Hero CM card is a shining example of overlooked brilliance in the heart of the midfield. The German legend is a key component of any midfield formation because to her well-balanced skill set, which includes 90 Passing, 93 Ball Control, 88 Dribbling, and 87 Shooting.

Even though she is frequently overshadowed by more flashy central midfielders, Keßler is an underrated asset for FC 24 coaches looking for midfield stability because of her ability to control play as a CAM or CM and thwart opponent attacks. Her value is increased by the Incisive Pass PlayStyle Plus, making this item an even more valuable addition to a FUT Zone 11.

Keßler, the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2014, had a significant five-year playing career with VfL Wolfsburg. This specific card is a worthy homage to her successful work.

It’s one of the most underrated EA FC 24 Icons right now, costing about 198K coins in the FC Ultimate Team market. It’s a great deal for the midfielders trying to improve their stats.

2) Sonia Bompastor – 89 LB (UEFA Heroes Icon)

The 89-rated UEFA Hero Left Back card of Sonia Bompastor is not only one of the strongest defensive items in the game, but it’s also one of the most underrated EA FC 24 Icons. The famous French full-back skillfully combines a strong defensive game with an attacking flare uncommon in female full-backs.

As the first person to win the UEFA Women’s Champions League with Lyon as a manager and player, Bompastor is truly unique, and this card is a worthy tribute to her incredible achievements. Her strong 90 pace, 89 dribbling, 88 passing, and 85 defending make her a valuable asset on the left side of the pitch thanks to her well-rounded skills.

At 245K coins, UEFA Hero Bompastor is a hidden gem in the FUT market for those looking for a versatile and underrated defensive gem.

1) Hristo Stoichkov – 90 CAM (Winter Wildcard Icon)

Hristo Stoichkov’s 90-rated Winter Wildcard Icon CAM card is ranked #1 among the most underappreciated EA FC 24 Icons. Year after year, the EA FC community finds the Bulgarian maestro to be the most valuable hidden gem in the game due to his ability to break down defenses with accurate passes and clinical finishing.


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