Top 5 Multinational Companies in Poland You Should Know

Top 5 Multinational Companies in Poland You Should Know

Poland’s economy is the largest in Central Europe and is rapidly adapting to technology. According to the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, technology and IT solutions foster new business opportunities and keep the economy competitive. Poland’s wealth of IT talent makes the country a favorable location for many international companies. Here are some of the most important things you need to know.

Top Multinational Companies in Poland


Samsara is an AI-powered company with a global presence and an extensive product portfolio. The company’s Connected Operations Cloud leverages IoT device data in an integrated platform that provides real-time visibility, helping customers streamline their workflows while ensuring machine safety and sustainability. Samsara is a global company with offices in Warsaw and remote opportunities.

Motorola Solutions-

Motorola Solutions develops hardware and software for critical communications products, many of which are used in law enforcement and IT. The company’s products include radios, body cameras, and command center software that enables location tracking.


Cisco manufactures networking hardware and enterprise software. The company is best known for its high-quality routers and switches that help businesses get the most out of their Internet services. In the software field, Cisco develops security and networking platforms, especially his Webex video conferencing platform.


Google is one of the largest technology companies known worldwide for its search engine. Recently, the company entered the AI ​​race with its Gemini chatbot. Integrate Gemini with Gmail, Docs, and Search. In Poland, Google operates offices in Warsaw and Wroclaw.


Capgemini is a French IT company with a presence in more than 50 countries. Its services benefit a variety of industries, including enterprise cloud hosting, cybersecurity, and generative AI. Capgemini adapts its Gen AI products to the needs of each customer and applies its solutions to software development.


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