Top 5 Moments in Eden Hazard’s Professional Career

Top 5 Moments in Eden Hazard’s Professional Career

Eden Hazard, one of the best players in the world over the previous ten years, had a distinguished career that came to an end on Tuesday. We review the highlights of the recently retired soccer player’s adventurous career as we reflect on his time as one of the game’s legends.

West Ham vs. goal in 2019

His single slalom through the Hammers defence is still one of the greatest Premier League goals we have ever seen, and it may be the most recognisable goal of Hazard’s career. The top spot on this ranking is earned by his balance, pace, and ball control, which are all finished off by a beautiful finish.

Goal vs. Arsenal in 2017

Nobody anticipated that Hazard, who had just been given the ball in his own half, would be able do anything as he was surrounded by five Arsenal players and had few alternatives for assistance. In another flamboyant display of individual skill, the Belgian embarrassed the Gunners’ defence with move after move and was wheeling away in delight eleven seconds later.

The purpose of the Battle of the Bridge

The Battle of the Bridge, now known as the North London battle of all time, happened in 2016. The Premier League’s most physically intense match ever took place at Stamford Bridge between longtime rivals Tottenham and Chelsea. One of the most famous games in club history ended in a tie thanks to a beautiful shot from Hazard in the 83rd minute.

Sealing the Premier League title for 2014–15

The 2014–15 Premier League season’s only remaining obstacle for Chelsea was a game against Crystal Palace. Just before the break, Hazard had a superb chance to give the Blues the lead. Off a penalty, which he duly did. Although the initial attempt was unsuccessful, the match’s lone goal—a rebound header—helped them win the Premier League championship.

FA Cup Championship Penalty

With everything on the line, Hazard was once again at the penalty spot in 2018. In the 22nd minute, the Belgian did well enough to earn Chelsea a penalties, and in the biggest game of England’s history, he would be the one to convert. To help the Blues win another championship, Hazard calmly and coolly sent the game’s lone goal past Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea.


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