Top 5 Memecoins on Base Blockchain in 2024

Top 5 Memecoins on Base Blockchain in 2024

Following Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade on March 13th, the focus shifted to fast-growing base layer 2 blockchains that offer low-cost transactions. Solana’s dominance in the meme coin market due to its low fees is now being challenged by Ethereum’s L2 solution, spurring interest and investment in various base meme coins.

Here are the top 5 base meme coins based on market cap.

1. MOCHI – A cat-themed delight

For fans of cat-based meme coins, MOCHI is a great choice. -Date rose almost 8,000% to a market cap of $55 million.

‘Mochi’, named after Brian Armstrong’s cat, has gained attention on social media, where he has over 20,000 followers. While Mochi’s circulating supply has been well documented, Mochi’s popularity highlights the potential for cat-focused projects in the meme coin space.

2. NORMIE – A Promising Newcomer

NORMIE has proven to be a promising meme coin that has gained traction in the Basechain community, rising 2200% since its launch.

NORMIE is positioned as the “people’s coin” and aims to attract the next 1 million holders by providing accessibility and simplicity in trading meme coins. With a strong sales start and a market cap of over $99 million, NORMIE is a new contender in the ever-evolving meme coin landscape.

3. TOSHI – Originality and Growth

Launched in August 2023, TOSHI is considered one of the breakthrough meme coins on the Base Chain.

Beyond its memetic appeal, Toshi offers practical benefits to token holders, including tools such as airdrops, decentralized swapping, and a launching pad for new projects. With an impressive price increase of approximately 15,000% since its launch, Toshi remains a strong contender in the meme coin world with a market capitalization of $275 million.

4. DEGEN – Farcaster`s Fervent Favorite

The Farcaster community gave rise to DEGEN, which runs on the Base blockchain as an ERC-20 token. DEGEN, which was introduced in January 2024, stands out as a token that is supported by both degens and dedicated builders.

Within the Farcaster ecosystem, DEGEN has become a loved meme coin thanks to its fair launch distribution and tight relationship with the Warpcast crew. Since its founding, it has increased by roughly 150000%, and its current market value is $430 million.

5. Brett (BRETT) – Leading the Pack

Brett (BRETT), with a market valuation of more than $640 million, is the biggest meme coin on the Base network. Brett plays a major role in Matt Furie’s Boy’s Club comic as Pepe’s partner on Base.

Brett’s network is still expanding, with over 9,500 members and 33,000 X followers in a dedicated Telegram group. With its current price of $0.07272, which is almost 70% more than its starting value, Brett is positioned to be a major player in the meme coin market.

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