Top 5 Korean dramas available On Viki

Top 5 Korean dramas available On Viki

The hot summer passed like a passing moment thanks to the variety of dramas that kept us engaged throughout the last month! Here are the top five Korean dramas on Viki in September in case you missed some of the fun ones.

A “My Lovely Liar”

The mystery romantic drama “My Lovely Liar” focuses on a woman who has the ability to detect lies and a brilliant music producer who is hiding his identity. Mok Sol Hee, played by Kim So Hyun, is a character who has lost faith in others due to her superhuman capacity to detect lies. Kim Do Ha, played by Hwang Minhyun, is her reclusive next-door neighbour who is forced to hide his face from the public because of an unspeakable secret.

A. “My Dearest”

A historical romance drama with a Joseon dynasty, “My Dearest” tells the love tale of Lee Jang Hyun (Namgoong Min), who has declared that he will not marry, and Yoo Gil Chae (Ahn Eun Jin), who longs to find love again despite having been in two failed marriages.

“The Elegant Empire”

“The Elegant Empire,” which is set in the entertainment industry, follows a man and a woman as they search for their lost lives while also trying to uncover the truth and restore justice that have been thwarted by powerful forces.

“My Lovely Boxer”

The sports drama “My Lovely Boxer” centres on the great boxer Lee Kwon Sook (Kim So Hye) and Kim Tae Young, a cold-blooded agent who engages in match-fixing for money and the success of his athletes. Han Jae Min, the vice principal of the preschool and Lee Kwon Sook’s first love, is played by Kim Jin Woo.

“WHY R U?”

A rom-com about Iwon (Lee Jung Min), who learns that his younger sister is penning a BL web novel with him and Ji Oh (Lee Ye Hwan) as the main characters, “WHY R U?” is a Korean adaptation of the well-liked Thai BL drama of the same name. Before he knows it, events from the book begin to manifest in the actual world.


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