Top 5 High-Flying Memecoins at the Start of the Week

Top 5 High-Flying Memecoins at the Start of the Week

The global cryptocurrency market is going through a slowdown, with the total market cap at $2.54 trillion. Despite the slow pace, meme coins have established a niche market with a total market cap of $58.4 billion. This amount represents a significant increase of $2.1 billion, despite an 11% decrease in 24-hour trading volume for all meme coins. With this in mind, several meme coins outperformed others earlier this week. Here’s look at the top five meme coins that captured the market’s attention.


HOPPY has become a major player in the meme coin market, currently priced at $0.00002141. Last week was an eventful one with the token rising 39.31%, but it has recovered strongly in the past 24 hours, rising 48.93%. Based on Ethereum, HOPPY’s recovery market cap has risen to $9 million, with a 24-hour trading volume of $2.87 million. With 130,262,017,400 coins in circulation, it has a significant presence in the market.

2. Ben the Dog (BENDOG)

Ben the Dog has been a standout performer among meme coins, especially in the last week. BENDOG is priced at $0.0527, showing a notable increase of 225.96% over the past seven days, despite a slight drop of 1.66% over the past hour. Based on Solana, 24-hour performance remains strong with an increase of 39.42%. BENDOG has a staggering market cap of $52.69 million, backed by a nearly identical 24-hour trading volume of $52.48 million. The coin has a circulating supply of 977,902,058 coins, making it a strong player in the meme coin sector.

3. Catwifhat (CWIF)

With a price of $0.000001748, Catwifhat is also seeing significant activity. The token’s value has fallen 10.25% in the past week, while CWI has risen 37.15% in the past day. CWIF has a market cap of $61.3 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $12 million. The amount of coins in circulation is very large, totaling 6,866,414,470,770 CWIF, indicating wide distribution among investors.

4. Byte (BYTE)

Byte is also a notable performer among meme coins, with a current price of $0.000009824. The value of this cryptocurrency has recorded a significant increase of 29.63% in the past day and a notable increase of 75.42% in the last week. Byte’s market cap is currently $9,474,761, but the 24-hour trading volume has decreased to $448,584, indicating a calm trading atmosphere. BYTE’s growing popularity is reflected in its circulating supply of 47,056,761,962 coins.

5. Andy on SOL (ANDY)

Completing the list of the top 5 meme coins earlier this week is Andy by SOL, currently trading at $0.008857. ANDY recorded a small decline of 0.76% in the past hour, but was up 26.65% in the past 24 hours, and up 16.09% for the week. It has a market cap of $8,380,913 and a trading volume of $7,119,995 in the past 24 hours. ANDY’s large presence in the meme coin market is evidenced by its circulating supply of 796,633,538 coins.


As the overall cryptocurrency market continues to stagnate, meme coins continue to attract attention and investment. In SOL, Hoppy, Ben the Dog, Catwifhat, Byte and Andy stood out with impressive performances, proving the dynamics of the meme coins segment. Investors are closely monitoring these coins, hoping that they will generate significant profits despite general market fluctuations.

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