Top 5 Games at the Journeymen Collegiate Classic in 2023

Top 5 Games at the Journeymen Collegiate Classic in 2023

On Sunday, November 12, the Journeymen Collegiate Classic is scheduled to take place, including more than thirty ranked wrestlers. however, the article following will focus on the top 5 matches that could occur at the Journeymen Collegiate Classic.

157 pounds. In Pool A, #4 #21 Meyer Shapiro of Cornell vs. Jacori Teemer of Arizona State

The official debut of Meyer Shapiro at college is here! Shapiro was highly anticipated this year, and this weekend, he gets the chance to live up to the hype by taking on Jacori Teemer. Shapiro finished his summer with a gold medal at the U20 World Championships after an impressive campaign to earn a spot on the U20 World Team. At 157 pounds, Teemer is a two-time All-American and a serious contender for the title. This match could be the greatest of the weekend and will be a major challenge for both wrestlers.

197 pounds #5 Trent Hidlay, NC State vs. #9 in Pool A Beard Michael, Lehigh

At 197 pounds, Hidlay and Beard are two of the top wrestlers in the nation and former All-Americans. Hidlay, who weighed 184 pounds over the previous four years, is also increasing to 197 pounds. Hidlay will put himself to the test in the match against Beard, which will also reveal a lot about both wrestlers.

141 Pounds Pool A: #2 Beau Bartlett of Penn State vs #7 CJ Composto of Penn State

This year, Beau Bartlett is a top contender for the crown at 141 pounds, but CJ Composto, the 2022 All-American, will put him to the test. After defeating Stevan Micic and Andrew Alirez in the 2022 NCAA Tournament, Penn’s Composto finished eighth. But he donned a grey shirt the previous year, so some wrestling fans may have forgotten about him. Composto is back, and a probable matchup with Bartlett on Sunday will reveal how close he is to going up against the nation’s finest at 141 pounds.

133 Pound Pool A – #6 Ryan Crookham of Lehigh vs. Connor McGonagle of Lehigh

One of the top 133-pound wrestlers in the nation, Connor McGonagle is engaged in a roster dispute with teammate Ryan Crookham. Thanks to his victories over Mickey Phillippi and Kai Orine, McGonagle’s ranking as high as #5 was achieved the previous year. However, an injury sustained at the EIWA Tournament prevented him from competing in the postseason. As the top recruit in the class of 2022, Crookham had an 8-1 record as a redshirt last year, with wins against Kurt Phipps and Joe Heilmann, two NCAA qualifiers. The winner of the contest between McGonagle and Crookham may determine who the Mountain Hawks start at 133 pounds this season.

133 Pounds Pool A – #1 Vito Arujau, Cornell vs #6 Michael Colaiocco, Penn

On Sunday, #6 Michael Colaiocco will put the returning NCAA and World Champion Vito Arujau to the test right immediately. Last year, Colaiocco of Penn emerged victorious over former All-Americans Chris Cannon and Lucas Byrd. But Colaiocco lost two games to Aruajua in the previous season as well. The first match ended in a large decision of 8–0, while the second match ended in a crazy 13–7 draw. Although Arujau is still the best year, this one might be really entertaining. It’s also important to remember that the winner of this match will probably play the McGonagle-Crookham winner!


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