Top 5 Energy Drink Brands in the United States

Top 5 Energy Drink Brands in the United States

The global energy drinks market is experiencing remarkable growth and is expected to reach $188.15 billion by 2031, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.47% from 2023 to 2031. This market expansion is known to be driven by energy expansion. It’s a drink that gives you instant energy, provides mental stimulation, and improves your physical fitness.

Energy drinks are very popular everywhere. Millions of people drink it frequently. Although accurate statistics on global addiction are difficult to come by, research shows that energy drink consumption is very common, especially among young people. Approximately 34% of college students report that they regularly consume these drinks because of their energy-boosting, focus-enhancing, and athletic performance-enhancing effects.

Look at the 5 top selling energy drink brands in the US.

5. Rockstar

Total Sales: $739 million

Known for its high caffeine content that provides a noticeable energy boost, Rockstar Energy Drink is a top-selling energy drink brand launched in 2001. With total sales of $739 million in the 52 weeks ending April 2023, Rockstar, which acquired PepsiCo for $3.85 billion in 2020, has excellent brand recognition and profitability. . It is available in over 30 countries, making it a large part of the energy drink market.

4. Bang

Total Sales: $846 million

Bang, the popular energy drink brand, has experienced impressive growth in both sales and profits in recent years. Packed with a powerful 300 mg of caffeine, or about 3 cups of coffee, in a 16-ounce can, it delivers a huge energy boost. However, for some people, especially those who are sensitive to caffeine, this large amount of the stimulant can have negative effects. Bang comes in a variety of flavors. Some that get good reviews include Cotton Candy, Black Cherry Vanilla, and Blue Razz.

3. Celsius

Total Dollar Sales: $1019 million

Celsius, a well-known energy drink company, focuses on “functional energy” from natural components. Celsius Holdings has achieved impressive financial growth, with sales reaching his $1.3 billion in 2023. Unit sales in the third quarter of 2023 increased to nearly 400 million units, more than double the number in 2021. Although there are some concerns about the safety of the ingredients, customer reviews are generally positive, with 70% of them favoring the product. Fans appreciate Celsius’ clean energy enhancements, sugar-free recipes, and refreshing taste.

2. Monster

Total Sales: $5.464 billion

Monster Beverage, one of the best-selling energy drink brands in the United States, had net sales of $7.14 billion in 2023; This marked a record increase of 13.1% compared to the previous year. Previous year. Gross profit for the fourth quarter increased by 54.2% and net sales increased by 14.4% to $1.73 billion. Total profit for the year was $3,794 million, an increase of 19.52% year over year. Sales in the Strategic Brands division, which includes acquired brands, fell 1.3%, while sales in the core Monster Energy Drinks division increased 15.1%.

1. Red Bull

Total Sales: $779 million

Red Bull’s U.S. sales in 2023 were $1.71 billion, ranking it #1 among the best-selling energy drinks. In 2022, the company sold more than 11.582 billion cans worldwide and generated revenue of 9.68 billion euros. Red Bull GmbH was founded in 1984 by Dietrich Mateschitz and Chaleo Yovidya. Currently, the Yuvidya family owns the majority of the company, at 51%, with Mateschitz’s son owning the remaining 49%. Mark Mateschitz’s net worth is over $20 billion, while the Yuvidya family’s net worth is estimated at $27 billion.

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