Top 5 Cybersecurity Firms in the US

Top 5 Cybersecurity Firms in the US

The cybersecurity landscape has come a long way since the days of the infamous ARPANET Creeper and Reaper malware attacks of the 1970s.

Actually, according to Statista, the cybersecurity market will generate an incredible $183.10 billion in revenue. The industry’s main objective is to safeguard people and their precious assets as the world becomes more interconnected.

For example, your personal data is available to giants of technology like Apple, MasterCard, and Meta. These giants regularly request personal information while bragging about their secure and dependable apps, websites, and back-end storage systems. Thus, the issue still stands: Which cybersecurity companies are the most important and focus on your security specifically?

You may want to know the main companies safeguarding your data, their locations, their origins, the services they provide, the certifications they give, and the employment opportunities they have available, whether you’re looking to change careers or are just getting started in the field of cybersecurity.

Top 5 US Cybersecurity Companies

To determine the top companies, we analyzed the latest stock market reports to determine the companies with the largest market capitalizations.

Market capitalization – or market capitalization – is a company’s stock price multiplied by the total number of shares it has purchased, giving us an idea of ​​the company’s relative size and value. These prices change daily.

The following organizations are the definitive American heavyweights. Each of them pushes the technological boundaries of protecting information systems, networks, devices, and data. This list only features companies with a focus on cybersecurity, intentionally excluding companies known for other flagship products such as Microsoft and Cisco.

1. Palo Alto Networks

Market cap: $85 billion*

Origins: The company was founded in 2005 by former CheckPoint engineer Nir Zuk. In 2011 he started gaining attention with Gartner listing him as an emerging leader in his Firewall Magic Quadrant for Networks. Palo Alto Networks went public on the New York Stock Exchange the following year, and in its IPO he raised more than $260 million. This was the fourth largest technology IPO of the year. Nikesh Arora he became Chairman and CEO in 2018.

Summary: The Palo Alto Networks platform includes advanced firewalls and cloud-based products that extend protection across multiple security domains. The company claims to have thwarted more than 8 billion cyber attacks since its founding.

2. CrowdStrike

Market cap: $77 billion*

Origins: CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity company, was founded in 2011 by former McAfee EVP George Kurtz and emerged in 2012 with incident response services. Then, in 2013, the company launched its flagship product Falcon, designed for endpoint protection and threat analysis. Under Mr. Kurtz’s leadership as CEO, the company has assisted companies such as the U.S. Department of Justice and Sony Pictures in solving numerous high-profile cyber-espionage cases.

Summary: CrowdStrike is a leading provider of cloud-based endpoint and workload protection, offering integrated antivirus solutions and robust threat intelligence and incident response capabilities. Human resources companies like BIPO, financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, and local governments including the City of Las Vegas rely on CrowdStrike to protect their critical systems. The company also publishes an annual global threat report.

3. Fortinet

Market Cap: $52 Billion*

Origin: Brothers Ken and Michael Xie with the goal of building the most powerful network security structures and helping businesses protect their data. , founded a company called “Forified Network” in 2000. Malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. Fortinet went public in 2009, selling shares for $12.50.

Summary: The company’s security solutions range from hardware such as routers and access points to its flagship FortiGate firewall, cloud-based security fabric, and FortiClient VPN. The networks and data of organizations such as IHG Hotels and Resorts, Jersey Mike’s, and Dave’s Hot Chicken are protected by Fortinet.

4. Cloudflare

Market cap: $32 billion*

Origins: Lead Engineer Lee Holloway and current CEO Matthew Prince founded Cloudflare in 2004 with the original goal of using Project Honey Pot to track down the sources of email spam. This research tracked the methods used by spammers to obtain email addresses from websites. But it wasn’t until Prince met Michelle Zatlyn, who is currently COO, during his time at Harvard Business School in 2009 that the business model changed to focus on identifying, preventing, and firewalling cyber attacks. In 2019, Cloudflare made its debut, selling shares for $15 each.

Summary: Cloudflare is a global server network that helps websites of all kinds, from high-traffic platforms to small enterprises, run better and stay secure. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Server-Side Encryption (SSE), infrastructure and application optimization, developer tools, and IT insights are all part of its extensive service offering.

5. Zscaler

Market Cap: $31 Billion*

Origin: Zscaler was founded in 2007 by Jay Chaudhry. Jay Chaudhry traces his humble beginnings to a village without running water. Zscaler is built on the principles of “Zero Trust Security.” The concept mirrors the work of nightclub bouncers, who only allow entry after thorough authentication and verification.

Summary: The company has more than 150 data centers around the world and has the most comprehensive security cloud in the world. Its zero trust exchange includes three main services. Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) is a channel for secure user connections on the public Internet. Zscaler Private Access (ZPA), a protection shield for internal applications across the enterprise. Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX) is a network monitoring tool that helps you identify user experience and productivity issues.

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