Top 5 Countries in the World for Vulnerable Employment

Top 5 Countries in the World for Vulnerable Employment

The United Nations and ILO define precarious employment as the sum of self-employment and family support. A self-employed person is someone who is self-employed and does not work for a formal employer. Family workers are people who work without formal wages in family businesses or farms. Although there are many ways to interpret precarious employment, the term primarily refers to less than ideal working conditions. These individuals are considered vulnerable because they may lack some of the protections afforded by formal employment, such as: B. Unemployment benefits, paid vacation, and workers’ compensation.

Look at 5 countries with the highest vulnerable employment in the world.

5. Sierra Leone

Vulnerable Employment: 87D

Sierra Leone’s many employment problems are a legacy of the civil war that lasted in the country from 1991 to 2002. In 2015, the ILO reported that 43.7% of young people in the country were employed as unpaid family workers, making them a vulnerable part of the workforce.

4. South Sudan

Vulnerable Employment: 88D

UNDP reports that the illiteracy rate in South Sudan’s workforce is 72%, with 94% of the country’s youth entering the workforce without completing primary education. It has become. This lack of education and skills is one of the main reasons why South Sudan’s precarious employment rate is so high.

3. Chad

Vulnerable Employment: 90D

Climate change and overreliance on oil revenues are two of the biggest obstacles to Chad’s economic growth. In 2022, almost 90% of the country’s population was in precarious employment, primarily in the informal sector.

2. Central African Republic

Vulnerable Employment: 92D

In the Central African Republic, the ILO is currently implementing the Project for the Promotion of Peace and the Creation of Decent and Productive Employment in the Central African Republic. ing. The project regularly organizes training courses aimed at the average population.

1. Niger

Vulnerable employment: 93D

With a vulnerable employment rate of 93%, Niger ranks first on the list of countries with the highest at-risk employment rate in the world. This means that in 2022, only 7% of the country’s population was employed in a regulated formal contract.

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