Top 5 Countries in the World for Highest Percentage of Millionaires

Top 5 Countries in the World for Highest Percentage of Millionaires

Most of the world’s billionaires are self-made billionaires. In recent years, the rise of entrepreneurship and online business has paved the way for entrepreneurs to become millionaires. According to Credit Suisse’s 2023 World Wealth Report, the number of global US dollar billionaires decreased by 3.5 million in 2022, compared to an estimated 59.4 million millionaires. The upper middle class, with total assets between $100,000 and $1 million, has more than tripled in size since the beginning of the 21st century. The upper middle class has grown from 208 million to 642 million people since 2000. The upper middle class has a net worth of approximately $178.9 trillion, accounting for 39.4% of global wealth in 2022. The highest net worth individuals (HNWIs), with total assets of more than $1 million, number approximately 59.4 trillion, or 1.1% of the world’s adults.

Look at the top 5 countries with highest percentage of millionaires in the world.

5. New Zealand

  • Percentage of millionaires: 6.78D
  • Total number of millionaires (2021): 347,000
  • Population (2021): 5.11 Million

New Zealand is a small island nation with a strong economy. In 2021, there were approximately 347,000 billionaires in this country. With 6.78% of the population being billionaires (as of 2021), New Zealand is the fifth country in the world with the highest percentage of billionaires.

4. United States

  • Percentage of millionaires: 7.38D
  • Total number of millionaires (2021): 24.5 million
  • Population (2021): 332.01 million

The United States had the highest number of millionaires in 2021 at approximately 24.5 million.

3. Hong Kong

  • Percentage of billionaires: 8.52D
  • Total number of billionaires (2021): 632,000
  • Population (2021): 7.41 Million

    In 2021, Hong Kong has approximately 8.52% of billionaires. Accounting for 632,000 millionaires. Hong Kong’s total population was approximately 7.41 million in 2021.

2. Australia

  • Percentage of millionaires: 8.56D
  • Total number of millionaires (2021): 2.2 Million
  • Population (2021): 25.68 Million

    Australia has the highest proportion of millionaires in the world It ranks second among countries with a percentage of millionaires at 8.56%. Billionaire population in 2021. Australia’s total population in 2021 was approximately 25.68 million.

1. Switzerland

  • Percentage of millionaires: 13.78D
  • Total number of millionaires (2021): 1.2 million
  • Population (2021): 8.7 million

    With a reported 13.78% of the population being millionaires in 2021, Switzerland has the highest percentage of millionaires. In Switzerland, there were 1.2 million millionaires overall in 2021.

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