Top 5 Best Value Deals in the NBA

Top 5 Best Value Deals in the NBA

All NBA general managers are eager to make a change and potentially sign a star player in free agency. But almost as important as acquiring a well-known company is its ability to provide high value at low cost. Winning a gold medal from an unlikely player can transform a team from underperforming to good, or from good to great. Here is a list of his five most valuable contracts within the association.

1. Donte DiVincenzo

Average Salary: $11,717,500

The New York Knicks are one of the most aggressive teams in the NBA when it comes to timely additions to jump into championship contention. The front office received praise for acquiring OG Anunoby, which along with the acquisitions of Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Burks, was a match made in heaven.

But the forgotten Donte DiVincenzo deal turned out to be one of the best deals of the 2023 NBA offseason in retrospect.

Donte DiVincenzo 2023-24 Season Stats

Category Stats
PTS 14.9
REB 3.5
FG% 44.1%
3P% 40.0%

DiVincenzo signed a four-year contract worth $46.87 million, with an average annual salary of $11,717,500. DiVincenzo was originally called up to the team to provide defense and space. But he has taken on a bigger role and thrived despite the continuing injuries plaguing the Knicks. Since Julius Randle’s injury, the former Villanova Wildcat is averaging 21.4 points and 4.7 3-pointers per game.

In a recent game against the Detroit Pistons, DiVincenzo scored 11 points, a franchise record for three points in a game. Although he initially served as a role player, the 1.90 meter tall guard has developed into an essential centerpiece for the Knicks in his near future.

2. Kelly Oubre Jr.

Average annual salary: $2,891,467

Kelly Oubre Jr. was one of the last players to opt out of the 2023 free agent class. After a career year in which he averaged 20.3 points per game with the Charlotte Hornets, demand for Oubre was almost non-existent. But the Philadelphia 76ers gave the former Kansas Jayhawk a chance, and it paid off in a big way.

Kelly Oubre Jr. 2023-24 Season Stats

Category Stats
PTS 14.9
REB 4.8
STL 1.2
FG% 43.9%

The Sixers were able to sign Oubre to a one-year contract worth $2,891,467. He emerged as a star in the free agent class and became one of the most impactful players on Philadelphia’s roster. As a member of the Sixers, Oubre made an immediate impact, scoring 27 points in his debut against the Milwaukee Bucks. Oubre was crucial to Philadelphia’s efforts to survive without MVP after Joel Embiid’s injury.

The 6-foot-7 wing has scored over 20 points 14 times this season, tied for fourth-most points on the team. Oubre’s season was one of the NBA’s great success stories, putting him in a position to receive more money in the upcoming free agency period.

3. Coby White

Average annual salary: $12,000,000

The Chicago Bulls and Coby White were unable to agree to a contract extension by last year’s deadline, and White was allowed to become a restricted free agent, but ended up getting the former lottery pick back. At the time, the Bulls were praised for not overpaying White. However, considering White’s dramatic improvement in performance, this contract is one of the cheapest in the league.

Coby White 2023-24 Season Stats

Category Stats
PTS 19.3
REB 4.7
AST 5.2
FG% 44.5%

White is up +9.6 points compared to last season, making him one of the frontrunners for the Most Valuable Player award. Comparing White’s contract to other players in his draft class shows the value the Bulls were able to get from the rising star.

Tyler Herro signs a four-year, $120 million extension with the Miami Heat, and Jordan Poole signs a four-year, $128 million extension with the Golden State Warriors before being traded to the Washington Wizards. The deal was signed, with Keldon Johnson signing a four-year, $128 million extension. His contract extension with the San Antonio Spurs is worth $74 million. It’s questionable whether White is better than players who make much more money.

There are many questions about the Bulls’ roster, but one thing is certain: White is one of the most valuable contracts in the NBA.

4. Herbert Jones

Average Salary: $13,456,968

Herbert Jones established himself as one of the NBA’s best defenders in his first three seasons. Jones, a second-round pick out of Alabama, originally signed a three-year contract with the New Orleans Pelicans worth $5,321,096. The Lockdown defenseman quickly outgrew that contract and received a contract extension from the Pelicans, but remains one of the lowest-paid players in the association.

Herb Jones 2023-24 Season Stats

Category Stats
PTS 11.1
REB 3.5
STL 1.3
FG% 51.1%

Jones is an exceptional defender and is expected to be first team All-Defensive this season. Jones was the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft and is a key member of the Pelicans’ young core. His ability to stand up to and defend the opposing team’s best player every night is not a skill that comes easily.

One of his biggest improvements in his game has been his improved offense, averaging 11.1 points per game, which is the highest mark of his career. His three-point shooting percentage ranks 10th in the NBA at 42.5 percent. One of the biggest declines in his game after college was his rawness offensively, but he’s already made a huge leap forward in his third year of his career, and there are signs that his improvement will continue.

Nickeil Alexander-Walker

Average Salary: $4,500,000

Nickeil Alexander-Walker has grown in the league, joining his third team in just five seasons. However, the Canadian guard found a home with the Minnesota Timberwolves and has proven to be one of the best rotation players in the NBA.

Nickeil Alexander-Walker 2023-24 Season Stats

Category Stats
PTS 7.7
REB 2.1
AST 2.5
3P% 38.3%

Alexander-Walker has been a mainstay as a substitute this season, but his true potential has been shown in games since Karl-Anthony Towns was injured. In the 10 games without Towns, Alexander-Walker averaged 10.2 points per game, including a 28-point outburst in a 20-point comeback against the Los Angeles Clippers. While he proved to be solid on offense, he was essential to the Timberwolves’ acquisition of the best defense in the NBA.

Opposing players shoot 3.2 percent worse from long mid-range and 3.4 percent worse on corner threes when Alexander-Walker is guarding. His play on the court gives the Timberwolves life and establishes an essential component in Minnesota’s championship run.

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