Top 4 Tech Talent-Sending Countries in Europe

Top 4 Tech Talent-Sending Countries in Europe

Whether it’s a small start-up trying to survive its critical early years, a mid-sized company expanding into a global market, or a large multinational corporation trying to stay competitive. Even so, hiring technology talent overseas is a strategic move that brings many benefits.

Few continents have as large and diverse a talent pool as Europe. Europe has long been a destination for expatriate employees, with a wealth of qualified technology professionals at a variety of price points and expertise.

This article lists the five European countries with the highest concentration of technology talent based on skills, remote work opportunities, cost savings potential, and talent pool size. Once you’ve found your dream team, partner with a leading Employer of Record (EOR) like Borderless AI to hire, onboard, and pay a global team without establishing a foreign legal entity, ensuring legal compliance and mitigating risks, and more

United Kingdom

What the UK lacks in relative affordability, it more than makes up for in scale and skills. There’s a reason tech hubs like London are world-famous. This city is almost unique in Europe in terms of the breadth, diversity and vibrancy of its tech scene.

The UK is just ‘expensive’ when compared to other low cost European countries. For example, the average salary for a software developer in the UK is between £25 and £60,000 ($31 and $75,000), which is about half the salary for a comparable position in the US.

Furthermore, there is no language barrier for North American companies looking for talent in the UK.


Romania is consistently ranked as the best place for U.S. companies to hire technical talent abroad. why? The country and its central technology hub, Bucharest, are characterized by a rare combination of skilled talent, competitive salaries (corresponding to a low cost of living) and favorable tax rates.

Additionally, Romania’s technology scene is thriving. Dubbed the “The Silicon Valley of Transylvania” by TechCrunch, the city is a hotbed of startups, incubators, and tech programs at prestigious universities. The TC article also states that of Romania’s 95,000 IT specialists, around 90% speak English.


Germany has a long history of automotive and engineering expertise, evidence of a deeply rooted culture of innovation. Over the past two decades, the country has successfully translated this philosophy into several world-class technology hubs such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

In terms of compensation, salaries in Germany are comparable to those in the UK, and English skills are widespread. But what really sets Germany apart is its expertise. As a long-standing engineering hub, it cultivate a unique talent pool that seamlessly integrates technical expertise and technical skills.


Hungary is located in the heart of Europe and is the perfect starting point for gaining a foothold in Europe’s technology scene. It also helps that the country is highly rated for its STEM education, cost-effectiveness, English skills, and government incentives (such as tax breaks and subsidies) that attract foreign investment.

If you’re looking for skilled technical talent at an affordable price, Hungary is your overall best choice. To make the most of Hungary’s tech talent, consider working with her EOR, like Borderless AI, which can navigate complex payroll and tax systems.

This list may include several European countries, such as Croatia, France, Albania, Sweden, and Portugal. However, the four listed above represent the most comprehensive options for North American companies looking to attract top technology talent to fill skills gaps and save costs.

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