Top 3 Ranked Mutual Funds for Retirement

Top 3 Ranked Mutual Funds for Retirement

It’s never too late to invest in mutual funds for retirement. The Mutual Fund is also a great resource for investors who want to invest in the best funds.

The best way to shortlist a good mutual fund is to ensure solid performance, diversification, and low fees. While some are better than others, we’ve identified three mutual funds using the Mutual Fund Rank that could be solid additions to your retirement portfolio.

Learn about top-rated low-fee mutual funds you may want to consider.

American Century Small Cap Value Institutional (ACVIX): Expense ratio 0.89%, management fee 0.88%. ACVIX is a small-cap mutual fund option that typically invests in companies with market capitalizations of less than $2 billion. With an annualized return of 10.77% over the past five years, this fund is a winner.

MassMutual Select Small Cap Growth Stock A (MMGEX) stands out among its peers. MMGEX is a small-cap growth investment fund that typically focuses on small and medium-sized companies in emerging industries and markets. With a five-year annualized performance of 9.14%, an expense ratio of 1.42%, and a management fee of 0.8%, this diversified fund has a solid performance history and is an attractive buy.

SEI AA Trust – Market Growth Strategy Allocation F (SGOAX) is an attractive large-cap allocation. SGOAX is classified as an allocation balanced fund that seeks to invest in a balanced mix of asset types such as stocks, bonds, and cash, but also often includes precious metals and commodities. SGOAX has an expense ratio of 0.35%, a management fee of 0.1%, and an annualized return of 9.16% over the past five years.

These examples show that there are surprisingly good mutual funds out there. If your advisor considers you one of the better ones, great! If not, you may need to have a conversation.

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