Top 10 most popular countries for road trips and their gas prices

Top 10 most popular countries for road trips and their gas prices

Everyone likes to complain, especially about the price of gas, but a recent study by British car finance company Moneyburn found that the United States has one of the lowest car fuel costs in the world. It is suggested.

Moneybarn looked at a variety of factors, including the availability of electric car charging stations, the quality of roads, and the average price of fuel, to find out how these differ across countries. They also looked at the annual search volume for “road trip” on Google and provided us with a list of the top 10 best countries for driving in the world.

It may come as a surprise that the United States is considered the happiest place for drivers. The United States has the highest car ownership rate in the world, with an estimated 80% of the population owning a car. The prevalence of car ownership has made road trips and tours much more accessible. The country has a breathtaking road network spanning approximately 4 million miles. This vast network gives you so many options for road trips, from scenic back roads to rugged and exhilarating routes to historic overland drives through ghost towns.

The study also shows that the average price of gasoline in the U.S. is about $0.91 per liter, while diesel is slightly more expensive at $1.05 per liter. This corresponds to an average cost of $0.98 per liter. Enjoy driving along many major road trip routes this summer with the best deals available compared to many other countries.

Research also identified other countries that performed well in terms of driver happiness. The top 10 are:

  1. United States ($0.98 per liter)
  2. Norway ($2.04 per liter)
  3. Japan ($1.06 per liter)
  4. Canada ($1.26 per liter)
  5. Iceland ($2.28 per liter)
  6. Australia ($1.15 per liter)
  7. Spain ($1.67 per liter)
  8. Sweden ($1.78 per liter)
  9. France ($1.94 per liter)
  10. Finland ($1.91 per liter)

Norway is in second place. The average price for petrol and diesel is $2.04 per litre, but the stunning scenery and focus on sustainable transport solutions can impact Norwegian driver satisfaction.

Road journeys across Norway’s fjords are a must. Some of the most well-traveled routes pass by the stunning Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Norway’s most magnificent fjords, as well as the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway and The Atlantic Road on the west coast, which is famed for its string of bridges that appear to defy gravity.

Japan came in third place. Whether it’s a spectacular route along the Shimanami Kaido overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, a coast-to-coast route that traverses the entire island of Hokkaido, or a road trip to Shikoku that takes you through the island’s temples, the efficiency and civility of roads are a factor in Japan’s rankings. there is a possibility.

Like the United States, Canada offers some of the best road trips in the world, but the average price for gas and diesel is even higher at around $1.26.

Canada is followed by Iceland. Although Iceland isn’t exactly cheap, including gas ($2.28 per liter), it’s a great place to explore by car. The island has a well-developed highway, also known as the ring road, that circles the entire country. This makes it easy to plan road trips and visit important tourist attractions.

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