Top 10 Most Elegantly Dressed Stars of Every Awards Season

Top 10 Most Elegantly Dressed Stars of Every Awards Season

Hollywood has been busy on the red carpet for award shows, starting with the Golden Globes in January and continuing with the Oscars this past weekend. As the 2024 Oscar season comes to an end, it’s only fitting that we take a detailed look at the stars’ overall rankings for best dressed.

1. Ayo Edebiri:

Edebiri started the awards season as a relatively unknown fashion star, but with one fashion hit after another, Edebiri has become one of this awards season’s leading fashion stars. From his checkered dress to his low-key minimalist white suit, Edebiri displayed versatility and knowledge.

2. Greta Lee

Lee continually shows that her easy elegance is ingrained in her DNA with a wardrobe that is mostly inspired by Loewe.

3. Carey Mulligan

Mulligan’s Oscars gown from Balenciaga was enough to ensure her spot on the list of the best dressed people of all time. She usually wears fitted gowns in black and white, but when she ventured in metallic wear at the SAG Awards with Armani Priveè, it was a smash that harked back to the Hollywood Golden Era.

4. Billie Eilish:

What she’s done in this awards season is no small feat. Originally a one-brand girl, she showed that she has much more to her fashion repertoire.

5. Lily Gladstone:

Her understanding of the power of fashion as a platform to highlight independent Indigenous designers has proven to be a winning combination. The final look was a collaboration between Gucci and Joe Big Mountain of Ironhouse Quillwork, and things came full circle.

6. Emma Corin:

Her Red Although her carpet was limited, she was full of ideas and faced the runway every time. They don’t wear clothes and decide for themselves.

7. Sandra Hüller:

Hülser has seen major fashion evolutions since the beginning of the season, from silver Louis Vuitton at BAFTA to black sculptural Schiaparelli at the Oscars.

8. Da`Vine Joy Randolph:

Another newcomer to her carpet appearances, Randolph goes from Louis Vuitton’s mega-sleeve look at the Oscars to her draped look at the BAFTAs. Even Robert’s gorgeous undies brought drama and charm.

9. Colman Domingo:

This season has not been one for most men to push the boundaries of his fashion, but Domingo is an exception. His mustard silk Valentino suit at the Critics’ Choice Awards and elegant robes and evening ensembles at the Emmy Awards are a wide range of examples of his work.

10. Dominic Sessa:

He’s not a musician, but throughout awards season he channels a 70’s rock and roll vibe. His consistency paid off and he rose to the final spot in the top 10.

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