These are the latest iOS 17.2 weather widgets for iPhones

These are the latest iOS 17.2 weather widgets for iPhones

Apple confirmed to us today that iOS 17.2 will include every feature that was mentioned when the release candidate was received. A new set of widgets for the Apple Weather app is one of the updates; check out the three and all of the data here.

All users will be able to upgrade to iOS 17.2 as early as the week of December 11. That comes after October, when the software was put through beta testing. The Journal app will make its debut, and there are several OS updates for Messages, the Action button, Camera, Weather, and Siri.

Three new widget kinds have been added to the regular forecast option for the Apple Weather app. It’s good to see the extra options with more info, even though they are only available in one size—small.

3 new Apple Weather widgets with iOS 17.2

To obtain the new widgets, developers and the general public must download the iOS 17.2 RC, which is accessible through the beta programme.

Here’s how Apple describes each one:

Details: View the wind speed, UV index, precipitation chances, and more.

Daily Forecast: View a location’s daily forecast together with the current weather.

Sunrise and Sunset: Find out when the sun will rise and set where you are.

The original Forecast widget only displayed the current temperature, the day’s high and low, and the weather (cloudy, clear, etc.).

Recall that you can search for or swipe to the Weather widgets by long-pressing on your Home screen or any other app page to bring up the “+” icon in the upper left corner.

The Forecast widget is notable for having three sizes: small, medium, and large. Therefore, it’s probable that at some time these three new iOS 17.2 Weather widgets will be available in medium and big sizes.

Many people have expressed displeasure with the precision and reliability of the Apple Weather app in recent years. A few issues with the official watchOS 10 release this autumn were among them. Hopefully, though, the worst of it is behind us now.


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