The World’s Top 5 Grain Exporting Countries

The World’s Top 5 Grain Exporting Countries

According to the U.S. government, the world’s population is growing rapidly, with an increase of 75 million people in 2023, and a further increase from about 8 billion in 2024 to 10 billion in 2050. It is expected. According to the United Nations!

Agriculture therefore plays an important role in feeding this rapidly growing world population. Grains, which are essential to the agricultural sector, play an important role in the diets of various consumers. Therefore, grains such as wheat, corn, rice, barley, and oats are the most commonly consumed grains by people to meet their caloric needs.

Check out the world’s 5 largest grain exporting countries.

5. Canada

Export volume: 18,548,414 tons

In 2022, Canada exported her $8.87 billion worth of wheat, making it the world’s fourth largest wheat exporter. Wheat was Canada’s 12th most exported item in 2022, with Canada’s wheat exports going to China, Japan, the United States, Indonesia, and Colombia, with China leading the way with a staggering $1.53 billion. followed by Japan with $814 million. According to the OEC, it was $716 million, followed by Indonesia with $613 million and Colombia with $466 million.

4. France

Exports: 20,195,587 tons

France, the European Union’s largest wheat producer, exported $8.09 billion worth of wheat, according to Reuters. The top destinations for France’s wheat exports are Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Belgium and the Netherlands, with Morocco leading the way with a staggering $1.21 billion, followed by Egypt with $1.02 billion and Algeria with $800 million. Belgium followed with $49 million. 798 million USD, etc. According to OEC, the Netherlands is worth her US$683 million.

3. United States

Exports: 20,918,772 tons

In 2022, the United States exported $9.21 billion worth of wheat, making it the world’s second-largest wheat exporter by value. Wheat was the 31st most exported product for the United States this year. The top destinations for U.S. wheat exports were Mexico, Japan, the Philippines, Ethiopia, and South Korea, with Mexico topping the list with $1.33 billion, followed by Japan with $956 million, the Philippines with $950 million, Ethiopia with $626 million, and South Korea with $507 million.

2. Russian Federation

Exports: 21,597,224 tons

In 2022, Russia exported wheat worth $5.88 billion, making it the world’s fifth largest wheat exporter by value. In the same year, wheat was Russia’s 12th largest export. The main export destinations for Russian wheat are Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan, with Turkey leading the way with $2.05 billion, followed by Egypt with $1.67 billion, Azerbaijan with $294 million, and Kazakhstan with $286 million. million dollars, followed by Pakistan. USD 278 million to OEC. Additionally, the Business Record reported that the supply price for Russian wheat rose by $4 per tonne to $216 per tonne, due to weather conditions in Russia’s various wheat-growing regions.

1. Australia

Exports: 29,487,688 tonnes

According to the OEC, Australian wheat exports peaked at approximately $10.2 billion in 2022. This value has tripled compared to the beginning of the measurement period in 2009. Wheat was Australia’s fifth most exported product that year. The main export destinations for Australian wheat are China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and South Korea, with China leading the way with $2.03 billion, followed by Indonesia with $1.54 billion, the Philippines with $1.11 billion, and Vietnam with $990 million. This continued to be $1,000,000. South Korea is 1.54 billion US dollars and 677 million dollars. This demonstrates the increasing global demand for wheat and Australia’s strong relationships with several growing markets around the world.

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