The World’s Top 5 Companies of Aircraft

The World’s Top 5 Companies of Aircraft

To learn more about the global aviation and aircraft manufacturing industry and the latest trends, check out the world’s five largest aircraft manufacturers.

5. General Dynamics Corporation (NYSE:GD)

Latest available estimate 12-month revenue: $42.2 billion

General Dynamics Corporation (NYSE:GD) is an American company that manufactures and markets business aircraft. February 2024 was a pivotal month for the company, with the announcement of a new CFO with a hefty base salary of $950,000.

At the end of Q3 2023, 39 of the 910 hedge funds profiled by Insider Monkey held General Dynamics Corporation (NYSE:GD) stock. James A. Starr’s Longview Asset Management became the largest shareholder, with a stock value of $6.2 billion.

4. Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE:LMT)

Latest 12-month revenue forecast available: $67.5 billion

The F-16, F-22, F-117, and other fighter jet systems are among those produced by the well-known Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE:LMT), a manufacturer with a global reputation. An average analyst’s share price target for the shares is $483.40, with an overall rating of Buy.

Insider Monkey’s study examined 910 hedge funds, and 60 of them had made investments in the company during the third quarter of last year. Josh Overdeck and David Siegel’s Two Sigma Advisors have invested $366 million in Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE:LMT), making it the largest hedge fund stakeholder.

3. Airbus SE (EPA:AIR.PA)

Latest 12-month revenue forecast available: $67.73 billion

This list of the top aircraft manufacturers in the world includes Airbus SE (EPA:AIR.PA), which represents the comeback of commercial aviation. The management of Airbus SE (EPA:AIR.PA), which operates aircraft all over the world, stated in the wake of Boeing’s 737 Max problems that the company was “humbled” by the event and that it helped it realize how important it was to closely monitor every facet of building aircraft.

2. The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA)

Latest available 12-month revenue forecast: $77.7 billion

The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft. The 737 Max issuance also affected stock prices in February 2024, with shares falling 2.3% in intraday trading following the announcement that production would normalize in the second half of the year. However, Boeing (NYSE: BA) also received an order from Thai Airways International in February, which is good news for investors.

1. China Aviation Industry Corporation

Latest available estimated 12-month revenue: $81.5 billion

China Aviation Industry Corporation is China’s leading national aircraft manufacturing company. The company is a diversified manufacturing company that produces both combat and commercial aircraft. Civil aviation products include turboprop aircraft and jet aircraft, and fighter aircraft products include fifth- and fourth-generation platforms.

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