The top five songs from Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The top five songs from Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A social simulation game called Animal Crossing: New Horizons is set on an island. You’ll start out with just a tent and some simple equipment. You’ll be able to gradually expand and personalise your island as you see fit by building ramps, bridges, buildings, and various other things. In addition, you’ll have a lot of new characters as neighbour and entertainment options. You may enjoy excellent local music in this tiny paradise as a result of the concerts that are held every weekend.

You will be able to enjoy the music of the island’s musician, K. K. Slider, who has a large song catalogue. Here are the details if you wish to hear some of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’s best songs.

Best Animal Crossing Songs: Cruisin, Bubblegum, and more from New Horizons

1) New Horizons

There are well-known musical themes from classic video games, such as Mortal Kombat or Mario Bros. We can also include New Horizons, the game’s theme tune, to this list of outstanding songs.

Every player of the franchise will find this song to be particularly important because it is the first song that K.K. Slider performs on the island. The song’s upbeat tones and quick beats evoke both happiness and tranquilly. The instrumentation improves steadily during the song’s progression until the climax moment. The player feels really welcomed to the island by the time they’ve finished listening to New Horizons.

2) Bubblegum

Nintendo is a Japanese video game developer that created Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Therefore, it is no coincidence that certain songs were written in the best Japanese pop tradition.

Another excellent song in the game with a happy vibe is Bubblegum. The tune has major chords and pitch bends, while the live version has a mellower interlude. Its name may have been inspired by bubblegum pop, a term for cheerful pop music.

3) Cruisin

Cruisin is ideal if you’re looking for music that conveys mental tranquilly and the sense of being on an unending trip.

It has a G-funk-based hip-hop beat, a whistling synthesizer, and a sluggish tempo. The music incorporates acid jazz sounds as well, and it’s possible that Virtual Insanity by the English funk band Jamiroquai served as inspiration. By comparing this song with Cruisin, you can hear that the harmonic progression is very similar. You should listen to this with friends.

4) Dirge

You can get the idea for this song just by looking at the artwork. The Halloween-themed character from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Jack, is slyly approaching K.K. Slider.

This song is ideal for a haunted house, a pumpkin patch, or a cemetery because it is definitely inspired by horror themes. This eerie music is without a doubt one of the most distinctive in the game. Theremin use combined with random discordant beats is the ideal formula for a spooky music.

5) Forest Life

If you’re a nostalgic type, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a tune that borrows from the original theme song the series ever had.

Forest Life changes the chords from the theme music from the previous game by adding soft chimes that immediately take you back to when Animal Crossing was first launched, many years ago. But don’t suppose that this theme’s main attraction is nostalgia. It stands out in the game’s music because it creates a calming, peaceful atmosphere for the listener.


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