The top 5 reasons Texas has a chance to win the National Championship

The top 5 reasons Texas has a chance to win the National Championship

One of the biggest surprises of the 2023 college football season has been Texas. This is the team’s first winning season under Steve Sarkisian, and they are here to compete for the national championship. That was only a year ago.

The Longhorns have a strong possibility of winning the national championship and qualifying for the Southeastern Conference, even though many fans may not consider them the favourites to win. Let’s explore the factors that make this a possible scenario.

Why the National Championship could go to Texas

1. The wave of resurgence

It appears that Steve Sarkisian is bringing the Texas football programme back to full health after this season. The squad achieved both their most number of victories since 2009 and their first Big 12 Championship since 2009 under his leadership.

The Longhorns are eager to continue their ascent to the top of the college football standings as the playoffs get near.

2. Quinn Ewers’ recent form

Late in the regular season, Quinn Ewers began to play some of his greatest games for Texas. The team’s offence has benefited from the quarterback’s increased explosiveness after his arm injury recovery.

In the Big 12 Championship game against Oklahoma State, Ewers threw for four touchdowns, and it is expected that he will continue to perform well in the postseason. Ewers may lead the Longhorns to the national championship with a stellar performance in the Sugar Bowl and the final game.

3. The resilient defense

Obviously, Texas’s defence has contributed to the team’s success this season. They have the fourth-best rush offence in the nation thanks to their stellar play throughout the season.

This is certainly significant to the Longhorns’ quest for a national championship. If they continue to play well against elite teams in the postseason, they have a chance to become the new national champion.

4. The line of sportsbooks

Texas is favoured by sportsbooks against undefeated No. 2 Washington, even though they just lost once during the regular season and are placed third in the CFP.

This shows the Longhorns’ brilliance and their ability to handle challenging circumstances as a team. Their lone defeat of the year came in a closely contested game against rival Oklahoma, decided by a score in the final minute.

5. Support from the Longhorns family

Many former Texas players expressed their optimism that the Longhorns may win the national championship in their comments made before to the start of the season.

Even though at the time it seemed somewhat extreme, the team has now proven them correct. The Longhorns family has been pushing the team to win big, and this has made the support even stronger. This gave the CFP programme a significant psychological boost.


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