The top 5 nicknames for Utah’s new NHL franchise

The top 5 nicknames for Utah’s new NHL franchise

Smith Entertainment Group is asking fans to help decide what to call the NHL’s newest franchise in Salt Lake City.

The Arizona Coyotes are no more, as the team’s upper management (players, coaches, management) moved north from the desert to Utah. However, the SEG, which includes the NBA’s Utah Jazz, will have to start over with original nicknames for their rosters.

A poll for 20 names is open to fans and will run until May 22nd. You can choose four names, but each person can only vote for one.

Having said that, let’s look at the top five names that respondents thought would look the best on an NHL jersey for the upcoming season.


The last team to enter the NHL was the Seattle expansion team, and they chose the Kraken as their nickname. So why not add another mythical creature (or a completely real one, depending on what you believe) to the league?

The Yeti is Utah’s perfect ice condition for skiing. And it makes a lot of sense considering the diversity of the different mountains.

Like the Kraken, SEG also enjoys logos. If done right, it could be a frightening beast on a jersey, and an icy blue, white, and gray color scheme also comes to mind.

Last but not least, does Utah Yeti run off your tongue? This could be your best option for a variety of reasons.

Utah is known as the “Beehive State,” and not just because it’s the nation’s largest honey producer. Instead, the bee was chosen in 1848 because it symbolizes perseverance and hard work.

Given the hard work required to bring this series to the West, a name synonymous with work ethic could mean a lot in rallying. Additionally, Hive doesn’t just have to refer to teams. Fans can also call themselves “The Hive”.

But the biggest question is whether he wants one black and yellow team in the NHL anymore. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins have already adopted these colors, and the Vegas Golden Knights have some red as well, but are primarily black and gold.

Utah will need to get creative to stand out from the crowd and get the personality it so desperately wants as its newest franchise. Swarm is another name on the list.


Like the Yeti, Utah is clearly on her way to becoming one of the best ski resorts in the country. Also on the list are Powder, Blizzard, and Black Diamond.

But Utah Frost has the kind of charm that fans will appreciate, especially considering the variety of promotions his SEG can offer at the Delta Center. Does Frosty Fridays, which offers beer at discounted prices, sound good?

The biggest hurdle here may be the logo. Creating a good logo requires brainstorming. However, this could open the door to a cool uniform color scheme.

“Utah Ice” or some other snow-related name would be too boring. Frost looks fun and even a little mysterious, and so does the team’s new project.


To avoid the snow, Utah also has many deserts that are home to venomous reptiles.

Since the NHL doesn’t have a snake logo, there’s probably nothing more original than calling the team the “Utah Venoms.” This opens up a world of possibilities for logos, colors, products, uniforms and equipment as a whole.

It’s always fun to work with fluorescent primary colors. Just ask the Dallas Stars in their green and black blackout uniforms. Could Venom achieve something similar with electric blue as its primary color? There are plenty of options here as well.

When SEG and fans seek originality, look no further than Venom.


Finally, the Outlaws seem to be the epitome of Utah. This is not only a story of the “Wild Wild West,” but also a story of a group traveling like cowboys to cement their name in the next town.

Both players and coaches are familiar with the rest of the NHL teams, but they are new in town, and that’s always the case when the Outlaws are put in an unfamiliar situation.

With Salt Lake City representing a new group of fans, the Outlaws’ role could draw large crowds and quickly establish them as the league’s new “bad guys.” Just a thought.

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