The top 5 NHL Stadium Series jerseys of all time

The top 5 NHL Stadium Series jerseys of all time

This weekend will see the return of the NHL Stadium Series, with two games held at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium.

13 games have been played thus far, and 16 total will be played once the season concludes. Fans always enjoy watching the game outdoors, and the appeal is increased when teams wear unique jerseys.

Top 5 NHL Stadium Jerseys of All Time

5. Tampa Bay Lightning, 2022

The 2022 Tampa Bay Lightning Stadium Series Jerseys have been either loved or hated, but this game has a very cool and unique jersey was.

The white jersey has a blue lightning bolt and the word “BOLTS” on the front instead of a logo, which is what many Lightning fans wanted in a jersey.

4. Anaheim Ducks, 2013

While the Anaheim Ducks Stadium Series jerseys didn’t have the popular Disney Mighty Ducks logo, the orange jerseys were refreshing.

The Kings jerseys were flattened during the 2013 Stadium Series game, which made Anaheim’s jerseys look even better. The all-orange design stands out and was a nice touch for the Ducks.

3. Chicago Blackhawks, 2014

The all-black Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series jersey is one of the best jerseys of all time.

The All Black jersey is fresh, and it certainly helps that the Blackhawks logo is one of the best in the league. However, the black jersey also looked good in the snow and outdoors.

2. Washington Capitals, 2023

The Washington Capitals knock their 2023 Stadium Series jerseys off the field. The white jersey had the logo front and center, which was refreshing, and the depiction of the Capitol building in Washington D.C. was a nice touch. It was part of a bird.

White, blue, and red appeared on the ice, making this jersey perhaps the best in Capitals history.

1. Colorado Avalanche, 2020

The 2020 Colorado Avalanche jersey is the top NHL Stadium Series jersey in the league.

The colors burgundy, blue, and white go well together, but A also has mountains drawn on it. This is a great detail that you can’t miss. The jerseys looked good on the ice, which is important because fans are far away from the ice.

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