The top 5 NFL quarterbacks available as free agents in 2024

The top 5 NFL quarterbacks available as free agents in 2024

Preparing for next season will be difficult for some NFL franchises. The outcome of the 2023 season will have a major impact on decisions made during the offseason. The goal is improvement and failure is not an option. For most experienced general managers, finding a quarterback to command on and off the field is a headache. This is a process that requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders across the organization. Investing in the wrong gunslinger can have long-term effects and cause a rival franchise to fall further behind its competition.

Which quarterbacks are the top options for free agents in 2024?

5: Jacoby Brissett

Stability is a must for an offensive coordinator. This keeps the offense moving and balanced throughout the game. It is also the responsibility of the players under center to master the tempo of the attack. Inexperienced quarterbacks lack feel for the gridiron. That leads to costly mistakes. Jacoby Brissett made the most of his time on the grid. He is an experienced executive with an impressive resume. In 2016, the New England Patriots invested in a third-round quarterback. The following year, Brissett became a new member of the Indianapolis Colts.

As a starter he played over 2,000 snaps and threw for a touchdown his 31 passes. In 2021, Brissett moved to South Beach to join the Miami Dolphins. He also played for the Cleveland Browns and Washington Commanders the past two seasons. Age is an important factor to consider before investing in an eight-year veteran.

Pass-first techniques are becoming more common in offenses. While Brissett has experience, her reputation is in game management. His excellent play rating is mediocre—nothing noteworthy. Brissett will be paired beautifully with a number of talented players. Although he is talented, he lacks the energy to produce highlights for ESPN’s top ten.

4: Gardner Minshew

One quality that NFL scouts look for in quarterback prospects is beaconing—the ability to make plays. Quarterbacks in the upper ranks must make adjustments at the line of scrimmage and throw deep passes. Rare and capable of becoming fatal in certain moments is athleticism. Although he is not a dual-threat quarterback, Gardner Minshew makes plays when they are needed. Throughout his NFL career, he has demonstrated gusto and gained the respect of his peers. In 2019, the former sixth-round selection entered the league with a grudge. His tenacity was evident on the field.

Minshew finished the season with 2,85 completions and 3,721 passing yards. His impressive rookie season earned him an additional contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Jalen Hurts has a reliable backup in Minshew. He kept games close at hand and worked hard. The fifth-year veteran was called upon by the Indianapolis Colts in 2023 to help them maintain their postseason aspirations.

Despite losing the game, they were unable to hold the quarterback accountable. An offense beset by injuries found a spark when Gardner Minshew entered the game. In his short career, he has the second-most passing yards (3,305). He can be the quarterback of an NFL offense. So, how long is the question?

3: Mason Rudolph

An unsung hero dominates the list of free agent quarterbacks due to his late-season surge with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mason Rudolph was known for his role as Kenny Picketts’ backup ahead of the 2023 campaign. By the end of the season, he was Mike Tomlin’s savior. The Steelers’ offense has been a problem since the start of the season. It was disappointing for fans who believed in Kenny Pickett’s immediate impact.

Mistakes during the year led to modifications in the locker room for athletes. A relieved Matt Canada noticed a decrease in work security. Due to Pickett’s knee injury in Week 13, there was a quarterback competition. First dibs were given to seasoned quarterback Mitchell Trubisky by Tomlin’s coaching staff. Rudolph quickly proved he was worthy of a chance to save Pittsburgh’s playoff aspirations.

The former third-round selection ended the season with three straight victories for the Steelers. With a career-high 9.7 yards per pass, he secured a postseason trip. If teams have enough patience, Rudolph is a young quarterback with potential around whom they may build. He should have a job in 2024 because he demonstrated growth at key junctures for a reputable team.

2: Joshua Dobbs

Dual-threat quarterback opens up the offensive coordinator’s playbook. They are difficult to contain and unpredictable, making them a weapon against powerful defenses. Joshua Dobbs’ dynamic style of play earned him a starting spot with multiple franchises last year. He’s making the most of his opportunity, which could lead to him being the starter again in 2024.

His game time was limited early in his career due to limited roles with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans. In 2023, the Arizona Cardinals named their starting quarterback in Week 1. The former fourth-round pick faced adversity but remained determined to make the most of the season. He was traded to the Minnesota Vikings in Week 9 to replace the injured Kirk Cousins. Dobbs finished the season with more passing yards (2,464) than Joe Burrow (2,309) and Kenny Pickett (2,070). He ranked fifth among non-running backs in rushing yards (421) and third in touchdowns (six).

1: Kirk Cousins

When the second week of March rolls around, two veterans will be free agents. Until both teams can get ready for the new season, Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have some business to settle. The team might re-sign the former first-round pick before the deadline because they had a strong season last year. It’s not quite that simple with Kirk Cousins.

The Minnesota Vikings are struggling to live up to expectations in 2023. Cousins ​​performed well on the field, but injuries affected his swing. If the Vikings cut ties with Cousins, it would be beneficial for them in the future. They will save money to pay franchise players like Justin Jefferson and acquire players for a competitive future.

The free agent market is intended to find short-term answers to current problems. Quarterbacks are hard to find, but can be an X-factor when implemented in a complementary scheme. These quarterbacks are the best available and will find their homes before the offseason is over.

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