The Top 5 Most Stunning Airport Designs in the World

The Top 5 Most Stunning Airport Designs in the World

Airports are not just places where planes take off and land. They serve as ambassadors for the communities they serve. They often give travelers the first impression of a city or country.

With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why airports around the world have some amazing architectural features. Here are some of the world’s most stunning airport designs.

5. Oslo Airport

Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL) is the main airport for Oslo and Norway. It’s far from the busiest airports in Europe and the world. However, the airport is very efficient.

In 2017, the airport launched a $1.67 billion terminal expansion project, constructing a new semi-circular building made of recycled glass and steel. The shape of the terminal contributes to efficiency by regulating internal temperature during cold winter months.

In addition, ice scraped from the runway during harsh winters is later stored and used to cool the terminal during the summer.

Oslo Airport is so efficient that almost 70% of passengers arrive on land using public transport. This contributes to lower emissions and contributes to an overall greener space.

4. Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport (DEN), located in Colorado, was the third busiest airport in the US and the sixth busiest airport worldwide in 2023.

Perhaps the most famous aspect of the Denver Airport is the main terminal roof, which features a variety of Teflon-coated fiberglass tents. These are supported by a steel cable catenary system, perhaps the airport’s best known feature.

The tents are designed to mimic the snow-capped Rocky Mountains that dot the area just a few miles from the airport. Additionally, it commemorates Colorado’s early history by reminding us of the Native American tents that were located throughout the Great Plains.

3. Beijing Daxing Airport

Daxing Airport (PKX) is one of the newest airports in China and is located in the capital Beijing.

The airport’s main terminal building is very eye-catching and represents Beijing’s ‘interconnectedness’.

The terminal represents a starfish with a central main area and various piers extending outward, and this radial arrangement reduces connecting distances for passengers.

Its design takes advantage of natural light and features an extensive rainwater collection system that purifies 2.8 million cubic meters of water annually for use at the airport.

2. Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport

Heydar Aliyev International Airport (GYD) in Baku, Azerbaijan is also a member of this list. Baku Airport Terminal was built by Türkiye’s Autovan company.

GYD Airport’s design aims to reflect Azerbaijan’s hospitable culture. This point ties into the idea that airports are true ambassadors of a country and what it has to offer.

This terminal was primarily made of a material called Dekton. This is a very flexible type of stone, and this property allows for a variety of eye-catching designs within the structure.

This includes, among other things, the iconic twisted triangle design found throughout the terminal. As a bonus, Baku has been named the cleanest airport in Central Asia.

1. Singapore Changi Airport

No list of the world’s most beautiful airports would be complete without mentioning Singapore.

Changi Airport (SIN) has always been one of the world’s best airports, and it’s not hard to see why. In addition to serving as an airport, it also serves as a local shopping center and entertainment destination.

Many of you may have heard of The Jewel, a mixed-use project at Changi Airport that includes a shopping center and, most importantly, a nature complex. The Jewel is home to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, the Rain Vortex, surrounded by a terraced forest. In addition to waterfalls, the forest complex is home to more than 200 different species of plants.

Changi Airport has been named “World’s Best Airport” dozens of times, making it the first airport in the world to win this award eight years in a row.

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