The Top 5 Investment Tools You Will Need in 2024

The Top 5 Investment Tools You Will Need in 2024

Modern customers can easily purchase or sell stocks, manage their investment portfolios, and access investment analytics with the aid of FinTech technologies and investing applications. Thanks to these technological developments, anyone may now more easily access financial markets and manage their investments independently of traditional brokerage firms.

Additionally, these platforms often provide educational resources and real-time market data to help users make informed decisions about their financial future. As a result, the investment landscape has changed significantly, with more people than ever participating in the stock market and exploring different investment options.

The five best investing tools right now are poised to revolutionize your personal investment approach in 2024. These tools leverage cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled convenience, accessibility, and insight for both new and experienced investors.


FINQ is an AI-powered investment platform available to everyone, where big data and science replace biased human intermediaries. The traditional investment process is labor-intensive and requires extensive research, reliance on fund managers, and navigation through brokers. This complexity often deters many from investing or relies on costly and biased intermediaries, ultimately hindering their financial goals. But FINQ is revolutionizing this by harnessing the power of big data and cutting-edge AI technology.

FINQ studies the entire financial instruments market, creates financial profiles for every risk level, and provides 100% objective, actionable and ongoing investment insights. FINQ enables individuals to make informed and confident decisions and access a stock portfolio that consistently outperforms the market. Additionally, these portfolios are tailored to different investment strategies, such as long-term, short-term, or a combination of both.


Fidelity wants to make financial expertise more widely available and useful in assisting individuals in leading fulfilling lives. They do this by focusing on a wide range of clients: 23 million people who are investing their life savings; 20,000 companies that are handling employee benefits; and 10,000 advisors who require cutting-edge technology in order to manage their clients’ money.

Fidelity’s approach is known for being innovative yet personal, caring yet responsible, and grounded in a tireless work ethic. Additionally, Fidelity’s secure, easy-to-use, award-winning app provides users with access to a wide range of investments, expert insights, and investment tools to help them make smart decisions with their money.


Wealthfront provides a seamless integration of investment and savings products tailored to help young professionals build lasting wealth regardless of market conditions. The company uses sophisticated software to offer high-yield savings options, a well-diversified portfolio of ETFs and bond ETFs, commission-free equity investments, and affordable lending solutions through its partner banks.

Wealthfront’s automated investing feature allows users to answer a few questions and build a personalized portfolio of low-cost index funds from up to 17 global asset classes. The software handles all trading, rebalancing, and other operational tasks, streamlining the investment process and contributing to the sustainable growth of users’ assets.


The goal of SoFi is to enable its users to achieve financial well-being. The company is dedicated to creating innovative financial products and services that improve people’s capacity to borrow, save, invest, spend, and safeguard their money more effectively, whatever the financial goals they may have, such as paying off school loans, becoming homeowners, or preparing for retirement.

SoFi stands out as a unique financial company with one goal: helping individuals achieve financial stability. Their products are designed specifically for members to ensure they have the tools they need to manage their financial future.


Acorns is redefining how everyday consumers save and invest for the long term. In total, individuals have invested more than $19 billion in Acorns, much of it with small change. By democratizing wealth creation tools, Acorns has grown to become the largest subscription service in U.S. consumer finance, serving more than 10 million Americans.

Its services include automatic investing in diverse portfolios, hassle-free retirement products, banking solutions that accelerate your savings, and bonus investments from over 20,000 brands. Additionally, users can easily invest in their child’s future and stay up to date on relevant economic news, all easily accessible from the same app.

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