The top 5 greatest Survivor Series elimination matches in the history of WWE

The top 5 greatest Survivor Series elimination matches in the history of WWE

This year’s WWE Survivor Series is rapidly approaching, and with it, the excitement around the 5-on-5 Elimination amazing is building to an explosive level. The most thrilling elimination fights that have shaped the history of WWE Survivor Series are listed below, so be set to get excited and learn more about this famous event’s rich history.

In 1987, WWE debuted Survivor Series, establishing it as one of the renowned “big four” events of the promotion, along with SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania.

Like the Royal Rumble, the Survivor Series is known for its exciting match format that has come to represent the event.

The idea of multi-person tag team elimination originated with Pay-Per-View. In tag team combat, captains guide groups of four or five players; the goal is to eliminate all of your opponents. The idea has changed over time, but the team vs. team elimination match is still the centrepiece and has always been the main draw of the tournament. Let’s take a look at the top 5 greatest Survivor Series elimination fights in WWE history. Over the course of Survivor Series’ more than thirty-year existence, the show has seen many incredible matches.

5. 1991 Survivor Series match between Team Flair and Team Piper

In his WWE PPV debut, Ric Flair faced off against the ferocious Roddy Piper. Legendary athletes like Ted DiBiase and Bret Hart competed in the match, which made for an exciting fight of rivalries.

4. Survivor Series 2016: Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown – Twenty Man Tag Team Elimination Match

The heavily stacked tag team divisions of RAW and SmackDown were on display in a unique twenty-man tag team elimination match. The fight was a hidden gem in the history of the Survivor Series, including The Bar, The Usos, The New Day, and more.

3. Survivor Series 2014: Team Cena vs. Team Authority

As Team Cena and Team Authority were engaged in high-stakes combat, the Authority’s authority was in jeopardy. One of the greatest matches in Survivor Series history, it included big names, high moments, and an iconic heel turn by The Big Show.

2. Survivor Series 2003: Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff

In this winner-runs-RAW battle, the intense animosity between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff took centre stage. The all-star teams, which included Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels, put on an incredible show that ended with a thrilling moment.

1. Survivor Series 2001: Team Alliance vs. Team WWF

As Team WWW, asked by The Rock and The Undertaker, squared off against Team Alliance, which included defectors Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin, the stakes could not be greater. This winner-take-all fight, which featured intense action, surprising turns, and a degree of significance not seen in other Survivor Series matches, was a turning point in WWE history.

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