The top 5 free mode events in Grand Theft Auto Online for 2024

The top 5 free mode events in Grand Theft Auto Online for 2024

Freemode events in GTA Online bring a lot of fun to your lobby and don’t require you to complete missions or join jobs. Some events are automatically triggered when certain conditions are met, while others are accessible at any time. These random encounters give the game an exciting and fresh feel.

Rockstar Games introduced this in 2015 with the GTA Online: Freemode Event Update. Since then, they’ve made changes, added or removed certain challenges, and made it more interesting overall.

GTA Online’s Criminal Damage and 4 other incredible Freemode Events

5) The Castle’s King

King of the Castle freemode events are similar to domination matches in the Call of Duty video game. When triggered, a specific area on the map must be conquered, and the player who holds that area the longest wins the event.

Everyone in the lobby will receive a notification that the “King of the Castle” event has started, and a purple castle icon will appear on the map. The goal is to stay near the castle and collect points. You also have to fend off other players who try to take over the court.

The event lasts for 10 minutes and the player with the most points at the end wins and receives money and RP. We hope this will be one of the events that returns to GTA 6.

4) Kill list

Kill List is another unique freemode event in GTA Online that will keep you entertained. Players must team up and board designated armed vehicles to track down and kill Merryweather’s patrols.

Like other Freemode events, this is a timed challenge that must be completed before the timer reaches zero. Additionally, the game spawns specific vehicles such as the Valkyrie, requiring players to team up to use the weapons.

Destroying the patrol will also end the event and provide cash and RP to all participants.

3) Hunt the beast

Hunt the Beast is definitely one of the most entertaining freemode events in GTA Online. Randomly select one player and turn them into a beast, and the other players must track and corner them.

Beasts are more powerful than regular players, but must complete certain tasks while avoiding hunters. The time limit is his 30 minutes and the group that completes the task within that time wins.

This beast is hidden from radar, but he becomes visible when you visit one of the landmarks. This gives others a great chance to hunt it.

 2) Hold the Wheel  

Unlike the King of the Castle event, Hold the Wheel targets one vehicle at random from the list below, and players compete to hold it as long as possible before the timer runs out to zero. Typically targeted vehicles include:

  • Fieldmaster
  • Lectro
  • Caddy
  • BMX
  • Tri-cycles Race Bikes
  • Sanchez
  • Fagio

Once you capture a vehicle, others will try to take it from you. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid other people and travel by car while accumulating points. The time limit for everyone involved is 10 minutes, and the player who earns the most points over that time wins the challenge and additional prize money.

1) Criminal Damage

Criminal Damage is another popular challenge that involves more than just killing or tracking other players or random beasts. The time limit for the event is his five minutes, and players are required to deal maximum damage.

Different vehicles have specific values, and the top three players with the most points after the timer reaches zero will win prize money and RP. GTA Online is certainly not about making money, but it does offer great entertainment and fun.

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