The Top 5 Countries Recipients of ILO Aid

The Top 5 Countries Recipients of ILO Aid

The International Labor Organization’s mission is to promote decent work opportunities and worker rights in countries around the world. Since its founding in 1919, the organization has helped improve economic and working conditions for all men and women while promoting equal employment opportunities. To achieve these goals, the ILO provides knowledge, expertise and funding.

ILO receives two types of funding from resource partners. All Member States make compulsory contributions and are responsible for funding the ILO’s regular budget. Each country’s contribution will be distributed according to the UN’s assessment. According to 2022 data, total valued gifts were approximately $421 million. The largest share was in the United States (22%), followed by China (12%) and Japan (8%). The United States is a major contributor to world aid, and you can also see which countries receive the most foreign aid from the United States.

Look at the top 5 countries recipients of ILO Aid.

5. Afghanistan

ILO official net inflows (2022): $1,998,200

Since the change of government in Afghanistan in 2021, the ILO estimates that women’s employment in the country has declined by at least 25%. This is one of the reasons why the Afghanistan Special Trust Fund transferred her $3.7 million to the ILO from 2022 onwards.

4. Philippines

ILO Official Net Inflows (2022): $2,291,356

The ILO released a training book titled “Financial Education for Micro, Small, and Informal Businesses in the Philippines” on December 19, 2022. One of the countries that receives the most help from the ILO is the Philippines.

3. India

ILO Official Net Inflows (2022): $2,569,546

In India, the ILO collaborated with his GIZ to raise awareness of natural disaster insurance among MFI clients. The entire project was implemented by the ILO in collaboration with the Indian Microfinance Institutions Network, Weather Risk Management Services, Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company, and SwissRe India.

2. Vietnam

ILO official net inflows (2022): $2,634,650

In 2022-2023, the ILO achieved 12 country program outcomes in Vietnam. This is the most of all countries that achieved the result. These included measures such as formalizing the informal economy, increasing decent work opportunities, and upskilling Vietnam’s workforce.

1. Yemen

ILO official net inflows (2022): $3,198,457

Yemen ranks first on the list of countries receiving the most aid from the ILO. In 2022, the country officially recorded a net inflow of $3.1 million from the authorities. That same year, the Fund to Support Resilient Livelihoods, Food Security, and Climate Adaptation in Yemen transferred $1.9 million to the agency. In 2022-2023, the ILO achieved three country program outcomes in Yemen.


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